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    1994 cup season another one is one the way but I might be dead, Making shiat up to write about, The number 11, <br />Oscar Mayers Lunchables , The color purple, Daisys
  1. I love you too
  2. It went just fine and the nurses were very helpful. And it ended up there because I slipped in a patch of ice while it was in my back pocket.
  3. I hope all in attendance had a great day
  4. Hope you partied like it was 1994
  5. Ho Mo is overated but Happy Day to you Crusher
  6. Foiled Again!!!! Would you mind switching to 93 octane? That 87 crap leaves a bad taste in my mouth.
  7. I am such a douche bag
  8. opps
  9. This is how I watch games