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  1. 2 tickets section 229 row 5 These are my season tickets- I got luxury box seats for tonight so I won't be using them. First come first serve. IM if interested.
  2. Well I just was lucky enough to get luxury box tickets handed to me for tonight so I've got my 2 season tix that won't be in use. Section 229 row 5. Anyone interested please pm me.
  3. Lets fire another coach. Keep the carousel moving.
  4. Avery doesn't respect Brodeur why the fvck should Brodeur respect him? This tool box has had some kind of personal vendetta against Marty since he came here for no reason. He was out West, how many time could he have possibly faced Brodeur during that time? Screw him!
  5. so

    Sean Avery Sorry, I need something to make me laugh right now :evilcry:
  6. Avery is talking to the media all of a sudden again. Said "Fatso (Brodeur) forgot to shake my hand."
  7. Times like this I'm glad the Devils lack in the PR department.
  8. Seems even some of Avery's teammates aren't to fond of his tactics either.
  9. (Rule 75) will be interpreted and applied, effective immediately, to a situation when an offensive player positions himself facing the opposition goaltender and engages in actions such as waving his arms or stick in front of the goaltender's face, for the purpose of improperly interfering with and/or distracting the goaltender as opposed to positioning himself to try to make a play."
  10. THANK YOU JOHN MADDEN!!!!!!!! :koolaid: :koolaid:
  11. (Language Warning) I know, wrong sport but you get the point