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  1. I think you'll find the majority of the fan bases can't stand the guy.
  2. Oddball eh? You're being kind. I agree with the rest though.
  3. Now you can say they played piss poor, at least after the first period.
  4. This. He played well. That said, I'd rather they won.
  5. Let me add my name to this illustrious group. Can't stand the guy. I don't know what game he was watching, the Flyers were far from comfortable after the first period. In fairness, he does fluff Parise a lot. But it's nothing the way he fellates the Penguins.
  6. Kerry Fraser was 100x better.
  7. Sound advice.
  8. OK guys, let's see what happens tonight....
  9. Not at all...just wondering if we were watching the same game.
  10. You have to be kidding! Piss poor?? Maybe in the first period, and it was more like rusty. The Devils had the jump alright, but once the game settled it was mostly Flyers. This was NJ's chance to steal a game, and they didn't close the deal. BTW, did you miss me?
  11. Thought I'd wait a day or two before I popped in. The games were extremely well-played, and close. CJ's right, it's huge for the Flyers to beat the Devils. Finally. And Jester's correct, if they don't at least make it to the CF's this really won't mean that much. Everyone's talking about Stevens, but I think NJ missed a guy like Bobby Holik more. I realize they won the Cup without him, but he plays Keith Primeau pretty well. I wish a speedy recovery to Pat Burns. Nothing like a dose of reality to put all this into perspective. Redrum, Jerry, good to see you guys. Don't be strangers. We've got HellOnIce over there just about every day.
  12. I don't really care about the sour grapes if the Flyers win, but how can anyone pull for Ottawa? There's the biggest bunch of whining, stick-swinging cheapshots that's ever been assembled. I absolutely detest Ottawa and their fans. I respect every team in the East except them. They make me sick, I hope TO ends their season for them.
  13. Hi PK. Thanks. I think. Can't say I blame you. Cute kid, btw. Bye.
  14. Hi Jerry. The leadership, or lack thereof, is a recurring theme with me. I've got several others too, but I won't air them over here. Suffice it to say, they showed something last night when NJ got those two quick goals, and then recovered. But that's only a start.
  15. Hi guys. Been awhile since I've been here. I guess today's as good a day as any. Brodeur played pretty well, IMO. Esche played well, but had better defensive coverage than Marty did. Both teams played an overall good game, until Primeau got that third goal. The Devils kept it up after the Flyers relaxed, which they've done all season. As an aside, Glenn Resch was a guest on Comcast Sports before the game. He said it's critical for the Flyers to win both home games, as the longer the series goes, it favors the defending champs. I frequently question the mental toughness of the Flyers, which is a bigger question than their goaltending, if that's possible. So his comment is very plausible.