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  1. Greene Sent Down?

    Hale for what.....a 6th round pick???? maybe 5th??
  2. Hasek putting on best reality show with Wings

    I'm going with early march.

    Bettman just tinkers too much....he will kill this league yet if the fans and league doesn't do something about it. What he should simply do now is being echoed by man...leave the damn thing alone.
  4. Game thread: Devils vs Flyers 1pm EST

    It's a win....I'll take it...and hope they work the kinks out during the break.
  5. Game thread: Devils vs Flyers 1pm EST

    Some of the fans are spoiled...they might need a refresher on the not so good times.
  6. Game thread: Devils vs Flyers 1pm EST

    It seemed like the bench was a little more empty than usual....damn.
  7. NHL Considering Fining Players Who Alter New Uniforms

    Screw the tutu...might as well put him in drag already.
  8. Up to their old tricks despite new rules

    The irony is in the simple fact that the so many teams would kill to have the success we enjoy. Some even go as far as playing the same way when they go up against us and that doesn't usually work too well.
  9. Suglobov waived

    The Anna Kournikova of the NHL

    The Devils are simply built American tough...the way it used to be. Often imitated, never duplicated. That is the team in a nutshell.
  11. Martin Brodeur

    Gotta love HDTV just for that.
  12. Game thread: Devils vs Flyers 1pm EST

    Time to beat the Flyers!!