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  1. Season recap

  2. OFFICIAL!! Devils Trade for Kovalchuk

    I have to say, I was pretty stoked to hear about this!
  3. Draft Day Party Details!

  4. 2007-08 Devils season picture thread

    Pelley's first NHL goal
  5. Thoughts on Cam

    I definitely missed his presence on the ice this season. And would have loved to see him get his hands on... well... just about any Ranger.

    Lets Go Devils! I BELIEVE!

    Great post Revan!
  8. Sean Avery in hooker's black book

    Seeing that headline on the cover of the News made me laugh my ass off this morning.
  9. Richard Zednik cut bad in the throat - in stable condition now

    OMG. Best wishes to him for a speedy recovery. Good to hear he's stable. Lets hope he heals up fast.
  10. Congratulations Doc

    Go Doc!
  11. GDT: Carolina @ NEW JERSEY - 7 p.m the Redneck edition

    Any news on the lineup tonight? Is Pelley back in? *crosses fingers* Either way a win would be lovely Devs!
  12. At least we won the Frozen Moment..

    Great moment for sure!
  13. The rest of the All Stars

    Parise made it last year, and was MVP. I know that. However I thought they could make it multiple times if whoever chooses the rosters felt they deserve it.
  14. The rest of the All Stars

    Does anyone know when the YoungStar rosters are announced? Maybe Parise and Green [Captials] will make that cut.
  15. Food at The Rock