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  1. My 2 cents on camp today...now with pics/video

    http://njmg.typepad.com/devilsblog/ they're saying it isn't clarkson but instead barry tallackson.
  2. The New Assitant Coaches
  3. Minard to Pittsburgh

    Minard to Pittsburgh

    Whoops. TSN reports it too TSN

    Its official. Zubrus signs with Devils w00t!
  6. Radical Gomez trade ideas?

    Hey Cousin! its Ed, from Drexel. Gomez is gonna be hard to deal with. Even though we have like 8 days left, I doubt he's going to resign/trade with the Devils. Its obvious he replaced his heart for a piggy bank. And I doubt that Gomez is going to sign with the Flyers or Rangers. Well at least I hope so. He'll go to the west. (I do hope we get either Marleau, Drury, or Briere to replace him. Heck even Arnott sounds good) All we can do now...is drink some kool-aid and hope we find a gem in the later rounds of the draft. Oh and find a new coach too. That's always good. But expect to see mad deals later.
  7. GDT: Devils @ Flyers 3/6/07 7:00PM

    Hey guys, I'm the new guy here. I too went to the game last night. Pretty intense. I was at Section 121. Surronded by Flyers fans that were pretty rude to me. They never talked back after I said, "We'll see you in the Playoffs....oh wait...you'll be playing golf...SORRY" Also after Biron had a saving spree and made his magical fart save, the fans behind me were like "That's the REAL MARTY" I'm like "dude, how many shut outs has he had?" They really are intimidating fans. Overall intense game. Wish we won so i coulda rubbed it in there faces a bit. But hey, Free Chic-Fil-A.
  8. haha there wasn't just fighting going on

    AHAHAHHAHAHA that's pretty funny. "I wish i could forget you!" i'll never look at jake gyllenhall the same way ever again.
  9. Not a good time

    Hey guys. I was at the game last night with a couple of my friends... My gosh. The game was just....well intense at times but wow. It is true, Greene was being pushed everywhere. I just hope D will start picking it up and get more physical. That's what changed the game last night. We were just being tossed around like rag dolls. We def needed Cam for this game. w00t first post.