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  1. Janssen is Back

    thank you i was looking for write up on pelley since he got allot of tv time. and i came accross this forum.. and figured since noone knew who rod was i figured id let ya know a lil about him... my prediction was rod was coming up for 3 games and then sending him back down.. ya know a lil test to see how he does.. and i think he did quite well for his first 2 nhl games.... must have been nerve wrecking and i hope janssen murders that dipsht avery.. cant stand that meathead
  2. Janssen is Back

    well ive acctually been friends/team mates with pelley most of my career.. he moved up through the leagues very fast... he's one of the greatest hockey players ive played with throughout my career... he scored 250 points in his second year bantam's.... hes they most physical players to come out of b.c. his shot is by far the hardest and quickest ive seen in a while.. besides sakic... our whole home town was exicted to see another player from kitimat to finally play in the nhl.. they brought him up to see what he could do and most def proved a major point with his ability to hit.. i would put money on it that he plays playoffs...