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  1. Boston Vs Nj Game thread!

  2. Brendan Morrison

    I agree 100000000000000000%, it's just such a shame what might have been had BreMo or AlMo stayed.
  3. Brendan Morrison

    BreMo did not have to go anywhere. at teh time I loved teh trade, but you cannot trade a player of BreMo's talent and then let what you got in return walk a season and a half later.
  4. Boston Vs Nj Game thread!

    hmph, talk about if A then B
  5. Interesting

    I agree, but we cannot "hope" things will come arouind come playoff time. If the PP was maybe middle of the paqck, then yeah I could see this mindset going into the playoffs, especialyl with teh big 3 back on D, but dead last? No, dead last has to be morew of a concern and somehting more proactive(i.e. trade) must be done about it. you cannot "hope" hte PP turns around after 82 games and you're ranked near the bottom.
  6. Boston Vs Nj Game thread!

    yeah, I always look forward to cheering about 1st place in my division come January 1st. it's what hockey is all about.
  7. Brendan Morrison

    don't know where you got your info from but it is totalyl incorrect. Lamorillo did not offer AlMo a contract, this is even after AlMo publicly stated he would take less to remain in NJ where he wasn't counted on as being the "main guy". toronto gave him about a $500,000 raise, that is it. Lou didn't even offer the guy a contract, this is a fact If he did an dhe still left, a la Holik, then I could live with that, but that is not what happened. AlMo left NJ al la, Malakhov, Housley, Gilmour, Andreychuk, etc. and any other big name rental that Lamorillo refused to even make an offer to after their then current contracts expired. the guy cannot continue to trade away youth(Morrison, Souray, Sullivan, McCAuley, Hulse, and soon to be Commodore and Damphousse) for older players and then just let those older players walk after tehir contracts up. sooner or later its going to come back and bite us in the butt and it's only just begun to this year how would AlMo's 40+ points look on the Devils this year?
  8. Interesting

    which gets you exactly what come playoof time? do we get to hang a "20-10 from Oct. to Dec." pennant in the rafters?
  9. Brendan Morrison

    you can't lump all those transactions together first of all Souray and Rolsotn have done nothing compared to BreMo or AlMo. Who's to say we don't win the cup with BreMo instead of AlMo? It's not like AlMo set the playoffs on fire or won any awards or anything. the trade was a good one as long as AlMo was here, onve he left it became a bad trade.
  10. Boston Vs Nj Game thread!

    what is this supposed to mean? does that mean that the former or latter aren't true? you think the Devils weren't "sleepwalking" through their 1st round playoff exit last year after going to Game #7 of the Finals the year before? same fro this year, you think the devils can continue to grind out these low scoring 1-0 and 2-1 games(not to mention all the OT games) without becoming physiaclly and psyhcologically drained after 82 games of this stuff? wow seems like teh ranger fan's case of denial is srpeading
  11. Interesting

    can't agree with you or Burns about teh PP. it has to be effective if you wish to be a contending team. come playoff time when all teh teams crack down big time on defense, the PP can win (or lose) the game foir you. as far as the pp scoring the last few games, I wouldnt get too excited. 2 pp goals vs a bad PK in washinton and one 4 on 3 pp gola that went in off of a thigh aren't reasons for optimism. the season is nearly half over and the Devils have scored exactly 4 pp goals on the road this year with 2 coming against the Caps. that is almost inconceivable for a team with Scott Niedermayer, Brian Rafalski, and oleg Tverdovsky on the blue line.
  12. Boston Vs Nj Game thread!

    my God, where would this team be if not for the Maddenbrunndolfo? sherry Ross(for as much as an idiot as she is) had a good article in NYDaily News today about how the Devils have been playing playoff hockey since October with all these low scoring games and come playoff time they will be worn out. Unfortunalty, I tend to agree with thi assessment. they have to make a trader for some offense. this game tonight just emphasises this fact
  13. Brendan Morrison

    anyone who says the Morrison/Pederson for Mogilny deal was a good one was right up until 2 summers ago when Lou refused to give Mogilny a new contract. once Mogilnt bolted to the leaves, teh trade became a bad one because we ended up giving away those players for nothing to say BreMo had no place on the Devils because of the cnters they had is ridiculous. he or one of them could have very easily been moved to wing he was out of place though when he held out for a contract, his days were numbered at that point. it still boggles the mind to think that this Devils team as is could still have had AlMo if only Lou didn't have a big ego
  14. Rangers Done?

    this is beautiflu all teh ranger fans thought Holik was the answer and to hear the them and the NY media crow about him after the 2-2 tie vs us was sickening. yeah, well how was he vs Mario and the pens? -2, no points lol And Mike Dinham? awesome pick up for the rags, he too is the answer I don't think I've seen a goalie generate more uncontrolled rebounds since Mike Vernon in the '95 playoffs. the guy is a joke with his rebounds, its like he doesn't even attempt to control tham and that will prove to be a deadly mix on the defensemenless Rangers another off season spending $pree for the rags and they still suck as hard as ever, life is good
  15. 1995 Devils Vs 2000 Devils Vs 2001 Devils

    'fair & skware'? LOL, maybe in the heads of Rangers fans, but ask anyone else and they'l tell you different d.e.n.i.a.l.