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  1. Should the Devils resign Paul Martin?

    Maybe I'm a super skeptic, but I'm just not sold on Greene totally yet. Defensively he scares me a bit and has absolutely no strength. Before I let Paul Martin go, I want to see Greene in March/April. People keep forgetting this guy hasn't played a full season of hockey for 2-3 years. He may just hit the wall like Oduya did his rookie year. Greene's been playing very well offensively and decent enough defensively - is he a #1 guy? No way. Fraser is tolerable, Corrente isn't ready and Eckford forget it. Paul Martin is hands down the best defender on the team and should be resigned - within reason, that is.
  2. Greene steps up in Martin's absence

    Maybe Greene didn't get the chance under Sutter merely because he didn't follow Sutter's instruction - just a thought. Greene and Oduya were both rookies the same year, so I'm not buying this "he didn't play because he was a rookie nonsense". Also, that rookie year was under Julien who apparently wasn't a big Greene supporter either. Greene has gotten shot after shot and never showed what he is showing now. Personally my opinion is that Greene does what he wants to do - I'm not so sure how well he listens to his coaching staff. It just so happens it's working right now under Lemaire. This is just my view of it. He is playing very well right now, no doubt about it. Top 4 when Martin and Oduya come back? Not a chance. Mottau has struggled the last few games which I credit to fatigue and/or injury. But there is no way he gets bounced from White's line and there's no way White plays the 3rd D pairing. I really don't know how this team is winning right now - a lot of luck playing poor teams and good teams with their stars being absent - but live it up now. Seeing Greene out against a subpar Crosby scared me to death. I still don't see him as top 4 defensively. Yeah, he's putting up numbers and frankly I'm too lazy to look up how many of the assists came on the PP, but the goals are all PP - nothing even strength which bothers me a bit. Sorry folks, when Martin and Oduya come back Greene will be back on the 3rd line again.
  3. Gionta...know your role

    What everyone seems to forget is 2 seasons ago the NHL adopted the zero tolerance rule for defenseman. Defensemen couldn't touch the forward coming into the zone or it was interference. Hell, if a defenseman even grazed a forward, it was intereference. There was no crosschecking, pushing or battling forwards in front of the net without a penalty. Little guys like Gionta could stand there all day and never get touched. It's a lot easier to score in front of the net when no one can touch you. Now things are more or less back to the "normal" game and he just doesn't have the opportunities in front of the net today.
  4. Crosby or Ovechkin?

    I'd have to go with Ovechkin, but I'm partial to grittier players. Crosby has amazing talent, but the bitchiness to his game irritates me.
  5. GDT: Anaheim vs. Devils, "Thank you, other Scotty" Edition

    I had a couple of observations: The ice looked bad, the puck seemed to be bouncing around everywhere. The Devils looked really small compared to the Ducks, we looked like we were half their size. As for individual play, I don't know why the defense always gets the finger pointed in their direction. I can't tell you how many times I saw the defense pass it up to the winger only to have them standing around unable to get the puck out of the defensive zone. Langenbrunner was brutal with that last night. If not for the defense actually scoring lately, I can't tell you how many games we would have lost. Asham is a waste of a roster spot. Zajac's line was god awful and really struggled to get the puck out of the zone. And couldn't create any offense either. Thought the entire defense looked shakey again last night. I don't know what Greene everyone else was watching, with the exception of the one PP, thought he was pretty weak (which is understandable given his situation). This is the 3rd bad game by Martin, I know Oduya blew it on the 2nd goal taking a chance and stepping up (which VV does on a constant basis and never gets blasted), but I don't understand why Martin didn't take the body. He got juked out of his shorts. Still, if Brodeur's stick is on the ice, it's not a goal. Sorry to say, but VV is awful. He's the worst in +/- right? Enough said. Still people have to remember that this Ducks team had a poor start, but is still pretty damned good and swept every team in this area. Our defense clearly had a problem with the long outlet passes. And by defense I mean the forwards to. Half the time they were no where to be found. I need an extra dose of tonight.
  6. GDT: Kings vs. Devils, 7PM