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  1. Best Restaurants, Diners and Dives in NJ

    I cant believe no one brought up White Manna in Hackensack yet. They are king of the dives not to mention a historic landmark. If you never had burgers from White Manna you need to get there asap http://www.dinercity.com/njDiner/whiteMannaExtM.jpg
  2. I picked up 8 tickets from the 4 for 44 deal. Two people bailed on me tonight so i have 2 extra. Because I got the 4 for 44 I dont know where the tickets are but gotta pick em up from will call before the game tomorrow. Frankly at 11 bucks a ticket I dont mind takin the hit, but I'm not a fan of seeing empty seats in the rock. Only lookin for 22 bucks for both tickets. So if interested send a pm or email jonferretti@gmail.com.
  3. Who wants to go to the isles game TONIGHT

    At this point ill take it
  4. Who wants to go to the isles game TONIGHT

    15 dollars and a beer is all i ask...10 minutes before i leave
  5. Got 6 tickets to tonights games...One man just bailed on me at 4:50 so i got one extra ticket Anyone interested send an email b4 5:30 to jonferretti@gmail.com sec 122 row 13..65 dollar ticks i bought for 32 each. Special NJDevs price though if interested. Im more concerned about gettin some one the ticket than losing the money
  6. How was your experience getting to and leaving the arena?

    Getting to the arena was no problem, leaving was a different story altogether. I parked in the lot across from which was 25 dollars pre-paid, and than had to wait in a ridiculous line to get my car after the game. Then on my way back to the turnpike, there was a green trailblazer in front of me that literally hit a guy and ran. It was unbelievable. Im not sure the street name but we were making the right turn that takes us to the turn pike and there was a guy in the middle of the road(very hard to see him), we think he was trying to clean car windows and we see him do a complete 360 in the air after getting hit by the truck and the truck just hauled ass and got out of there. An authentic newark experience i guess??? Overall though not a bad drive in and out. Arena looks awesome and I'm sure everything will get more efficient as the season goes on. Anyone here drive a green trailblazer?
  7. Rollcall for Saturday Night

    Wasnt expecting them to release more tickets, just picked up 2 tickets 20 minutes ago off ticketmaster...section 11 row 20.
  8. They really do go golfing!

    A friend called me from Overpeck golf course yesterday to let me know Marty Brodeur was in his foursome, talk about right place at the right time I was surprised because thats one of the last golf courses I could see Marty playin out
  9. Watching the Devils...

    I just purchased the NHL Center Ice Online for 50 bucks today. Too much money for it considering you only get the first two rounds but its good quality. I just filled up my car with gas for $50 so I figure I could spend the same amount to watch the devils for the first 2 rounds of the playoffs. I watched the Nashville/Sharks game on it tonight, like i said the quality is good but they blackout any games that are played on VS. You also have to catch the games live as they do not archive them like the MLB and NBA online services. At least in the first round we are only on FSN so I should get all the games. For once the devils not being televised nationally works out for me.
  10. Claude Julien fired as head coach

    I like the move and am not surprised. The team hasn't played to its full potential much of the season and the only reason we are where we are is brodeur and the fact that parise and his line stepped up. Julien to me did not seem like a guy who was going to get this team to its full potential. Lou did the right thing. Nothing will get these guys going like putting the boss behind them on the bench. Julien had no fire...just a stare from Lou though I think can get anyone going Also I think this was a move to get Janssen more playing time. I heard Lou wants him out there at least 15-20 minutes a game
  11. WTF Brendan Shanahan

    I dont see what all this "Shanny is a Tranny" and "Trannihan" talk is all about?? The girl he is with in this picture looks legit http://img114.imageshack.us/my.php?image=shannytrannyjp1.jpg
  12. Atlantic slipping away

    Why root for the pens or rangers? I'm rooting for some injuries...lets see em beat the crap out of each other.
  13. Atlantic slipping away

    I go to school in PA and I'm stuck with the Pens announcers all the time on tv and I have come to the conclusion, that Bob Errey(the pens color guy) is the biggest douche with microphone in front of him in all the NHL. The amount I yell at the tv every night I listen to this guy is staggering. I actually watched the last Pens-Devils game with the mute on because there is only so much I could take. The one thing I will never forget that came out of that guys mouth was in the Devils opener last season against the Pens which was Crosby's first game. If you remember the game, I believe we won 5-1, Brodeur completely dominated it and mid way through the game when mario and sid couldnt get a puck in the net this guy says something along these lines that "The penguins have to start thinking about running into brodeur to get him off his game or try to injure him." I dont care if you have a bias towards your team, but this guy needs to get his head out of his ass. Tonights sens/pens game is perfect example of how this guy doesnt think before he talks. Listening to these guys makes me appreciate how good we got it in Jersey... Doc and Chico
  14. GDT: Carolina @ Devils, 1:00 PM

    Awesome shirt, that reminds me I should wear my "Rub me for Luck" shorts tomorrow
  15. Devils @ Carolina

    On an Internet note, the game is being broadcasted over yahoo and comcast: http://www.comcast.net/sports/nhl/hockeylive/ http://sports.yahoo.com/nhl;_ylt=AtxhEHK7B...at91IfAtBJ7vLYF