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  1. http://nbcsportsgrouppressbox.com/2016/07/21/nbc-sports-group-scheduled-to-air-record-number-of-nhl-regular-season-games-in-2016-17/ The Devils get one national game - December 29th vs. the Caps. Chicago leads with 21 national appearances. Nothing really to get upset about, it's the norm every year.
  2. #9. TG retweeted the Devils equipment manager's tweet stitching the jersey. Can't link to Twitter at work though. Wish he had distanced himself from Parise's number. Bad mojo. EDIT: Here's the link. https://twitter.com/NJDSk8Guy/status/753223750255054848
  3. interchangeable flock of forwards no more.
  4. And Bennett signs for 1 year, $725k. And all three will still be restricted free agents after their deals expire. Nice.
  5. Thank God Tri was right so far....glad not to lose DSP or Merrill. Still waiting for official Bennett news.
  6. Reading some blogs/articles....DSP is as good as gone if the Devils don't sign him today. A young big, tough forward who showed a little scoring touch in a limited role last year - teams will not hesitate to spend a little for a player like this. Bennett/Merrill - probably not as attractive as DSP, but someone looking for a 5-6 D with experience might bite on Merrill. With all the joy of the Hall trade yesterday, these non-tenders could bite Shero in the butt. Teams aren't built on one star player.
  7. http://www.si.com/nhl/2015/07/24/nhl-fan-misery-rankings-30-teams #1 New Jersey Devils Cup drought: 11 seasonsthree-time cup champsMaybe Lou Lamoriello knew what he was doing when he bailed on this organization. These Devils have a dim past (just one playoff appearance in the past five years), a painful present (the NHL’s 29th rated offense in 2014-15) and a grey, dystopian future (arguably the least promising prospect pool in the game). This is a team so bereft of hope that it can only aspire to being dull and dreary. Um, ok. Granted, it's not all roses right now, but I'm guessing teams with ridiculous cup droughts are much more miserable than us.
  8. Correct. Essentially the Devils could go up to $76 million for their "cap." To which they won't even come close.
  9. I'd offer Larsson and Gelinas for RNH. No need to add the 6th overall pick.
  10. Another thought...if I'm Lou, I'm calling Columbus to inquire about Hartnell. He's a much needed RW, still only 33, reasonable contract, still put up almost 60 points this year. They have a lot of young forwards that may be ready to make the leap to the NHL, but not many defensemen.
  11. http://stats.nhlnumbers.com/teams?year=2016 Essentially you can narrow down the trade targets by looking at next year's cap commitments (ignore the "Players signed" column, it counts players in the minors). LA makes the most sense, as they'll still have 5 forwards with a cap hit over $6 million.
  12. To defend Daniel, "replacement level" is the standard average player at the position (at least in baseball when calculating WAR). I've never heard of "replacement level player" terminology in hockey. Daniel is 1000% right when using that term for the Devils. They are chock full of players near the average (or below). Most of the team is filled with players who are not worth additional "wins" for the team by having them in the lineup.
  13. Typical. "I can say whatever I want, we all have opinions. But I don't want to hear yours about the old days!!" Did you even realize how ridiculous that sounded? Probably not.
  14. There was never this level of BS, SH.
  15. "Oh we got robbed for Zidlicky." "Why can't we dump more players?" Sorry folks, but 29 other teams are not garbage pickers. Getting something of value for two declining players at a combined age of 81 with expiring contracts is not bad. I'm pretty much done with this board and the usual folks who have completely ruined the experience. No wonder so many people have left and don't come back. It's basically just a complain-fest. Not too mention a good portion of it deals with utterly ridiculous topics (hello, goal song and "you suck" chants).