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  1. NJDEVS Trade Deadline Discussion Thread

    derek morris to the rags, per TSN
  2. Cheap spots for parking?

    I usually park on Broad, and my Dad usually parks on Franklin. If you get to the rock early enough you can get some really good spots, and sometimes you can even park right next to the rock (missed it by 1 car last sunday) don't be scared about parking on the street, (not to sound pompous) but my Dad and I have pretty nice cars and have never had a problem.
  3. Avery won't play tonight's game against CGY

    Of course nothing would have happened to him. I think that fact makes me alittle more proud to be a fan of the NHL than other leagues. What Avery said was out of line and very crude especially to the media, however, i think the league would do better to just fine him big time and put some sort of gag order on him that would lead to a suspension, rather than just suspending him outright until a league hearing. In any event, I am glad someone is finally making Avery pay for running his mouth....
  4. DevilsRule Posters Potshotting Our Boys

    I was a regular poster at Devilsrule for a while, but kind of lost interest when Bill (the guy who runs the site) moved it over to a new board and alot of people kind of fell of the map. There are some real great people over there but like everyplace there are some people left to be desired. I don't think i have ever posted here, and I mainly post on HF, but this place looks cool and from what I have seen you guys/gals look like a good bunch.