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  1. Scott Stevens

    sorry for not posting in awhile
  2. New Jersey Devils From Back In the Days (Photos)

    lol, that marty one is sweet.
  3. New Jersey Devils From Back In the Days (Photos)

    lol......Well have a nice drive. I can't belive they lost to the Capitals today, Cam's goal was ncie thought
  4. Hey Devils Fans

  5. Happy birthday 7!

    Happy b-day
  6. New Jersey Devils From Back In the Days (Photos)

    You've never been to a devils game? Pictures resized, too.
  7. 96-97 Devils team photo

    I got a 97-98, Dave Andreychuk Baby! LaX-
  8. Chat Box

    I think it would be a good idea to add a chat box to the forums. Chta boxs are a great way to socialize with other people without having to find an interesting post. Just a thought. Well, cya around! Oh cna you add polls to your topics? If not, there is another thing. LaX-
  9. New Jersey Devils From Back In the Days (Photos)

    Yea, I'll resize them later. Well, cya around!
  10. Hey Devils Fans

    Whats up! Hey, I live in Jersey and I've been a fan of the Devils since i was like 1 years old. I am 14yrs old and I play hockey and lacrosse. I am tyring to play ice goalie and who knows, maybe I'll get as good as Marty.Uh, I have my own temaspeak server and your welcome to come and talk. Ts Ip: tshost.info:9113 Aim: laxkidd110 Msn: laxkidd112@hotmail.com If you play any games I'd be happy to know, maybe I'll play with you. CyA LaX-
  11. Hey all, I am new to your forums. I thought I would start this post with some pictures my dad took when i was about 7-9years old. Enjoy! Scott Stevens #4 Devils Arena ( Continental Airlines Arena) Zambony Martin Broduer #30 ( Best goaltender!) Martin Broduer #30 Devils Bench Devils Bench Hope you find this cool. Edit: Resized LaX-