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  1. Thanks for all the info on Hale. Good Luck in the playoffs.. See you in the Finals.
  2. Interesting move I guess. He is not going to be playing a whole lot of minutes in Calgary. If he plays at all.. our top 6 is decent. I think this is more of a depth move in case of injuries.
  3. Damn. We are already having problems clearing the zone.
  4. Calgary Radio just confirmed. Hale to the Flames for future considerations. You guys think this is a good move for the Flames? General consensus among Flames fans is ... who is David Hale???
  5. Radio is now not naming which Dman Calgary got... only saying that is for sure from New Jersey and we did not give up a roster player. Not a big name player. #5/6/7 Dman. Sutter is still on the phone working out the details. Makes sense. Exactly the type of player Calgary would be looking for. If it is Hale anyone have an opinion about him??? I don't know much about him except what the TSN page says. Sounds like a decent guy. Not offensive at all.
  6. This has been confirmed on Calgary Radio... all the details they have so far is that he has been traded for future considerations. Not a roster player.