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  1. Sunday...

    Um...of course they are going to play everyone, and go for home ice.
  2. Random thoughts: This team has been playing bad hockey. Really bad. Are they this bad in practice? Do they practice? Is this team any better off than when Julien was fired last year? (Note: I am not suggesting getting rid of Sutter - he's absolutely the right answer for the long term. I just wish he would put together some lines that make sense.) Motteu looked like (was/is) a scrub tonight, and Madden needs to learn how to "seal the deal". Memo to team - look where you are passing! Can we keep the puck in at the point on the PP? I haven't seen Ash since the first game of the season. Doc Emrick likes soup. The team is quite capable of playing good hockey. The playoffs are a totally different story, and there's no one I'd rather have in net than Brodeur (who was fantastic tonight, again - and he called the team out tonight in his post game interview - good for him). If we can get at least some scoring (hello Elias, Parise, Gionta, Zajac), we should be in okay shape. Notice the words "if", "at least" and "some" in that last sentence - holy conditionals, Batman. That's saying something. I would rather play Boston, but maybe what this team needs is an intense series with the Rangers to get things going. I honestly believe we can beat them.
  3. 2000 All Over Again?

    Yes, but wasn't that kind of the point of your whole post?
  4. Curse part 7 Game Thread: Devils VS Rangers

    This team is not very good.
  5. Lou and Sutter are delusional

    I think your assessment of the team is a little harsh, and your assessment of Lou's long-term impact of the organization even harsher. We do not win three Cups without him, and there's no one I'd rather have as GM. It's true that the fortunes of this team mostly begin and end with Brodeur, but it's likely that the asking price of a Hossa or Campbell player was too much. I will, however, fault Lou for not moving one of our defensemen.
  6. GDT: DEVILS @ PANTHERS 7:30PM TV FSNY Radio 660 XM 206

    Does anyone else think that the Devils are actually playing pretty well but just aren't getting the breaks?
  7. GDT: Devils at Rangers 9/21

    Forget Avery, is anyone else really annoyed that one or more Devils (Oduya, I'm looking at you) didn't totally take Avery out after that Weekes play? The Devils got tossed around last year, and that would have made a great statement. Devs look lost.
  8. Rangers to retire Leetch's #2

  9. Rangers to retire Leetch's #2

    I think this falls under the "Who Cares" category.
  10. Jagr Married?

    I wonder if he will step up when it comes time for the "shootout"..
  11. GDT: DEVILS @ SENS 7pm 5/2/07

  12. GDT: DEVILS @ SENS 7pm 5/2/07

    Are Lou and/or the rest of the team crazy? "We just need to do a couple more little things right..." From my vantage point, the team is playing *bad* hockey. It's pretty disgusting out there. These may be one goal games, but the Devils trip all over themselves and are never really in it. Where's the post-game tirade ala 2000? I can understand staying collected, but this team is too passive.
  13. GDT: DEVILS @ SENS 7pm 5/2/07

    To sum up this entire series for the Devils - "that's just bad hockey".
  14. GDT: DEVILS @ SENS 7pm 5/2/07

    Tell that to the team...
  15. GDT: DEVILS @ SENS 7pm 5/2/07

    Marty - what was that? I agree that ranks right up there with the Anaheim goal. Clarkson - the net was wide open, buddy. Elias - that person you see at the point is just a figment of your imagination. There's nobody there. Go to the net. Twenty more minutes. We may need to accept the fact that the Devils are not a very good team. They are an OT winner away from being swept.