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  1. Nico Suave ! Kids got great hair,,,,,,,,,, lol
  2. I guess were going have to trust Shero. But a #2 in the deal, ugh
  3. nolan patrick and john quenneville back together again,
  4. Yeah, he been on quite a roll. Sucks
  5. Thank you, I stand corrected..... Lou, I f-n forgot about that guy, lol
  6. I'm sure Shero is mulling this over bigtime. Because this draft is supposedly weak, Maybe just maybe, he tangles this year 1st rounder, As Lou did for Cory... You never know
  7. Even strength we played pretty good........
  8. Quincey/Severson played pretty well tonite. Moore=Nomoore
  9. Cammy in Coast mode............. Thanks for showing up
  10. Thank you Palms..... Bout time, somebody laying the wood
  11. Boom........... Zajac
  12. Finally, a power play, lol
  13. Yes, you did ! lol