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  1. Even strength we played pretty good........
  2. Quincey/Severson played pretty well tonite. Moore=Nomoore
  3. Cammy in Coast mode............. Thanks for showing up
  4. Thank you Palms..... Bout time, somebody laying the wood
  5. Boom........... Zajac
  6. Finally, a power play, lol
  7. Yes, you did ! lol
  8. Ok, Ok, I understand Cory playing back to back and Hynes started Kinks , But it was obvious that Kinks was struggling, We needed a point at least, I think Hynes should have went to the bullpen, Cory might have stole us atleast a point. Also Hynes needs to make a move on Defense, fvcking Moore looked completely lost, Like to see what Vojtech Mozik got, playing at hefty +13
  9. Moore/Severson -2 great job. Playing more shifts in the 3rd. wtf big mistake IMO
  10. Kinks 81.3 save percentage, Oy Vay
  11. Kinks not ready for primetime !
  12. Barclay center what a sh!t box, Oh well
  13. Bad idea, not playing Cory........ IMHO
  14. Greenie, nice job
  15. fvck a shorty and god damn sh!tty wrap around,........ Ughhhhhhhhhh