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  1. Yes, you did ! lol
  2. Ok, Ok, I understand Cory playing back to back and Hynes started Kinks , But it was obvious that Kinks was struggling, We needed a point at least, I think Hynes should have went to the bullpen, Cory might have stole us atleast a point. Also Hynes needs to make a move on Defense, fvcking Moore looked completely lost, Like to see what Vojtech Mozik got, playing at hefty +13
  3. Moore/Severson -2 great job. Playing more shifts in the 3rd. wtf big mistake IMO
  4. Kinks 81.3 save percentage, Oy Vay
  5. Kinks not ready for primetime !
  6. Barclay center what a sh!t box, Oh well
  7. Bad idea, not playing Cory........ IMHO
  8. Greenie, nice job
  9. fvck a shorty and god damn sh!tty wrap around,........ Ughhhhhhhhhh
  10. Great PK, LGD
  11. Jeez christ, refs got this one
  12. Yea Moore, has taken over the Traffic Cone position
  13. Pork Hall
  14. lol thats 1
  15. Lets get 2 or 3 , LGD