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  1. It appears Mr Loov, looves to throw the body. lol
  2. Oh yea ! lol
  3. Well i'm glad that experiment is over with,,,,,,,,,
  4. LGD !
  5. With a boatload of draft picks for the next 2 years, I really hope our Devs have a bright future within 3 years. My main concern, Cory will be 3 years older, ughhhhh.and 31 this year. I wouldnt want to be Shero, Let us pray to the hockey gods. lol
  6. Like I said, so much, for that rest, what a joke.
  7. All that rest really helped, Jeez
  8. Jeeez, wtf
  9. Period 2, stay out of the box, shoot the damn puck on net. lol
  10. These fvcking commercials are killing me............ Ugh
  11. shots 19-2................ WTF........ Prevent Defense
  12. Woooooooooooo
  13. PK, awesome job,,,,, LGD
  14. Lovejoy, my god, what a mess