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  1. What Our Third Graders Are Being Taught

    Which socialist countries do you mean? The ones where people are dying from various diseases, such as, "curable forms of cancer" after having to wait in line for eight months or longer for treatment? Or perhaps you mean the ones with stagnant economies, rampant poverty, and little or no job growth? Oh, wait! Maybe you mean the ones where the younger adults have almost no work ethic and have come to depend on everyone else and expect everything to be given to them (aka- uselessness) as if their very existence merits it? Which ones were YOU referring to?
  2. What Our Third Graders Are Being Taught

    It was not "pure capatalism" that failed. It was pure democracy that failed. Pure democracy is the equivalent of mob rule, which is why it fails. Capatalists are not for NO government. We are for SMALL, unobtrusive government. To suggest otherwise is simply silly.