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  1. haha...thats my man...styled myself with him during my highschool years. By the way i like you avatar. I've met him a couple times, but when they played the maple leafs last month (celebrating the 2000 team) i met him in the concourse. Couldnt have been a nicer guy
  2. so tonight i was bartending and got to watch the score but not the game. I'm watching the game now and that was just great determination by Brylin.
  3. you know you have to be in the crapper now for every minuet of everysingle game now, right?
  4. what a move by elias, couldnt finish but still a great move...that ranger sucks chant really sucks this is devils hockey.....mar-ty
  5. i cant believe this game thread is still only on three pages
  6. daaaaaaaaamn
  7. there is a seething hate boiling inside up me for this tampa bay team.
  8. faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack
  9. haha NICE win...did doc say knuble was tripoded?
  10. haha
  11. is there anyway we can trade gomez for gange
  12. Hey I'm a Jet seaon ticket holder so i know how it is to root for a bad team. But this place is just too sad for a team that had made the playoffs the past ten seasons, won three stanley cups, and has the best goaltender to ever play the game.
  13. Boy, how the mood has changed