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  1. After one year...how do you like our new goal song?

    I like it, its a good original song otherwise I'd like Zombie Nation
  2. Your Favorite Devils Game 2006-07

    Thats the one that first came to mind for me as well.
  3. Your Favorite Devils Game 2006-07

    I'm just interested in hearing what you guys thought was your favorite Devils game this season. I haven't made up my mind yet and I was wondering about you.
  4. Looking back: Firing Julien?

  5. Goals under review

    I believe I got enough support to prove its a goal http://from-the-crease.blogspot.com/2007/0...upport-for.html
  6. GDT NEW JERSEY DEVILS @ tampa bay lightning 7pm

    Parise is the series MVP so far without a doubts, I'll be at the game on Friday

  8. Rangers-Islanders 12:30 PM

    The Rangers should not have won today's game, the Islanders played a lot better and just didn't capitalize on their opportunities especially 2 5on3's! And I think something like 9 power plays
  9. Whats Good Guys

    seems like a great forum guys, lets just hope the Devils get their act together and win the division during the final weeks here
  10. Whats Good Guys

    Im from the Greenwich, CT area and I have been watching Devils games since I was 7. I play goalie so my favorite player is of course Marty
  11. GDT: Carolina @ Devils, 1:00 PM

  12. GDT: Carolina @ Devils, 1:00 PM

    What would you say if they scored that when they weren't on the power play? I mean that goal should have been stopped, a almost clear view of the shot and it went through his legs. He's played for the past period, I think he has had his warm-ups but all in all this has been a very poor team effort.