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  1. hehehehehe
  2. you will loose in the first round...poor guys...have fun golfing
  3. WE HAVE CLINCHED THE DIVISION....still waiting on bets.....and to the guy who said it dont matter cuz the devils are not in our division.....lmao
  4. Sorry guys decided to go and party with all our sabres much you guys wanna bet we do clinch the division??? Come on I'll take bets right now....bring it on.....i wanna hear em Its no news to me we clinched a playoff spot (ummm look at our record) but that mark (being the only one on the board) PROVES they KNOW we will clinch the playoffs at leats on u guys are retarded....look at that link many people u see clinched a playoff spot even in the Western conference.....lmao morons...DEVILS WILL GET BEAT IN THE FIRST ROUND....guaranteed!!!!!!!!! Your just pissed you know your team will go down this year....even if its to the Ottawa Senators in the first round (which i'm sure your all hoping for)
  5. Awe are you that upset your team dont get home ice advantage??? Consider me being on the bandwagon since 1995....wooo hoooo
  6. Thank you, thank you, thank you.....the sabres have clinched the division............;_ylt...iaEvalpk.57vLYF ( )( ) <~~~ Kiss it!!!!! hehehehehe