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  1. Poll: Who will score the most goals in the playoffs, all teams

    ...I have my feeling that Jaime Langenbrunner could pull it off. The guy gives it all during the playoffs
  2. Who's going tomorrow?

    Counting down the hours
  3. Friday Night Lights

    this is definately one of my top 3 show I love.
  4. Should Brodeur Play vs Isles Sunday

    how could you not let this man achieve this goal. play him.
  5. Your Favorite Devil

    Hands down Scott Stevens. He epitomizes to me what hockey is & was all about. Madden & Langenbrunner both bring heart, soul, loyalty and a hellava lot of talent to this team. Currently I think Cam Janssen...**Mr Excitement** has brought life into this team
  6. Minor League Neutral Site Game

    Will the CAA still be used for ice venues? Just a thought in theroy here. If the Devils practice arena in West Orange is going to be vacant, that could open it up for a possible change for the Titans maybe to move in. Utlilize CAA for its games? I know I would be more apt to driving to games there then down to Trenton.
  7. Official NJDevs.com Keepers II

  8. Official NJDevs.com Keepers II

    I would like to request to be the the keeper of Cam Janssen shirtless in the penalty box.