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  1. Press conference with Marty on Tuesday

    Thanks very much, fingers are crossed.
  2. Press conference with Marty on Tuesday

    Guess I might not have gotten back to him immediately, but I was pretty sure it was clear that I wanted the 6 game pack before I left the arena after the announcement. I was under the impression he would charge my card and that was the end of the story, because that is what he told me he was going to do. I also made it clear that I didn't want to spend a crazy amount of money for 4 games, if I had the money available he was asking for I probably would have just gotten season tickets in the 200s. Just a bit out of my price range, was hoping to see this game, but guess I will watch on TV now.
  3. Press conference with Marty on Tuesday

    He was clear on what I wanted, he just wasn't clear to me on what was happening. I really only got pissed because he knew I didn't want to spend the $$ he was offering and he acted all arrogant about it. He ended the phone call by saying 'Good luck finding tickets'
  4. Press conference with Marty on Tuesday

    I looked at Stubhub the day before the announcement and tickets were about $60, wasn't sure that would be the game, so didn't pull the trigger. The morning of the announcement I heard more and more that it would be 2/9, so I tried to get a 6 game plan with the 2/9 game included, and it didn't have a place to enter my information on their website. They had live chat option so I started a chat and they told me to call. I called and spoke to the rep, and he said he was going to the announcement now and would call me later, because some things might change after the announcement. I said I was going to the announcement as well, and he said he would call me and we could meet to talk. I was trying to get 5 games for the cheapest price, and would get a better seat for the Oilers game, after I met him he told me all the tickets would need to be the same group, so I said fine and told him I would take the cheap seats for all 6 games I chose. Gave him my credit card and he said he would go back to his desk and verify the games, and call me back. He didn't call back till later that night and left me a message to call him as soon as possible. I called early that next morning and he told me that since I didn't confirm with him yesterday, that most of the seats were gone, and he would have to check what was left over. I told him I did confirm and gave you all the games I wanted and the credit card number. He called about an hour later and told me the only option left was the club seats for the 4 game Marty pack and would cost me $1,600, he said the other option was the Membership program which I think was over $2,000. I hung up the phone on him. I tweeted Hugh Weber about it since he seems to be on Twitter 24/7, but he never responded yesterday. I used to buy partial packages, now I stick with buying tickets for the games I can make, but after this incident really soured me on giving them more money. They finally have a game everyone wants to see and they are trying to milk every last dollar. I know that they are a business and need to make money, but just the way the rep handled the whole situation was really bad. He didn't want to hear from me when I told him that $1,600 was out of my price range for 4 games.
  5. Opening Night White

    Coyotes do it from their Winnipeg days when they did 'White Out', and home teams wore white. No good reason for Penguins,
  6. Opening Night White

    Why do they do a white promotion when the visiting wears white? Think it would make more sense to support the team by having red shirts to give out. They used to wear white at home, but nowadays makes more sense for red.
  7. Devils Meet and Greet BBQ

    I am also interested if anyone else has ticket.
  8. NHL 12

    How about the fact if you play as Jets in Winter Classic, coaches are wearing Thrashers jackets?
  9. Raising No. 27

    Does anyone remember when Stevens was awarded to the Devils from the Blues that he refused to report to the Devils. Don't get me wrong, Stevens was a big reason that they won the 3 Cups, but never would have done it without Niedermayer. It is a joke if he doesn't get that honor.
  10. HBO 24/7 pens/caps

    How about 'Oil Change' on the NHL Network. Pretty good also. They are following the Oilers around the whole season. Just watched the episode where they had the fight against the Rangers at the Garden. if you liked 24/7, should check out this show. Jordan Eberle and Taylor Hall share a place together and play lots of hockey video game, Oilers vs Oilers. http://oilers.nhl.com/club/page.htm?id=65827
  11. Mystery puck results

    I got Langenbrunner and Corrente.
  12. Roll Call 10/24 @ Rangers

    I will be there first row to the left of the Devils penalty box. Free tickets.
  13. Road games you are attending this season

    Will be going to the 10/24 game at the Garden. Sitting first row right behind the Devils penalty box.
  14. Selling tickets at a pretty heavy discount

    Sent PM for BBQ tix.
  15. Selling tickets at a pretty heavy discount

    PM sent for the October 11 game.