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  1. http://www.scroogeyourself.com/?id=1140487149
  2. Does anyone know if they're only holding back 200 of the 10 dollar tickets, or will other tickets also be held back? I searched the crap out of the interweb and found nothing. I don't want to go stand in line for 3 hours, just to get turned away at the door and miss half the game just trying to get home.
  3. I guess I mis-spoke (typed?) I'm giving up on trying to watch the Devs tonight. Threw on the wings game.
  4. Gave up on the devs for tonight. Rafalski popped one in for Detroit on a PP. GO WINGS!
  5. Comcast customers trying to watch the game: I just spoke with someone. they actually know what's going on right now, and it'll probably wind up showing on center ice within the next 20-30 minutes.
  6. Recheck - I have the Islanders on 3 channels. 3. 3 fvcking channels of Ted Nolan. FSNY FSNY2 and MOJO. I quit. see yas.
  7. TSN says Penner is an Oiler now. www.tsn.ca
  8. yeah...