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  1. Gomez And Elias

    How come there are always players slumping? Why can't the Devils have all there players playing 100%? Look at Vancouver, Colorado, Detriot, etc... on those teams everyone plays how they are supposed to.There is always a problem. The Devils need a consistent 30-40 goal scorer...
  2. Game Thread

    Thorton is SLIGHTLY better then Allison, I agree. Thorton is an outstanding player having a career season. Allison is allready known as a great player. Unfortunatly, he has suffered that severe knee injury... Also, when he played on Boston he had that nasty hand injury. But Allison doesn't have a history of a partucular injury. I mean, that Knee and Hand injury could've happened to anyone. Allison is one of the most dominate players right now, and would be pushing 90-100 pts this season have everyone would be healthy
  3. Gomez And Elias

    Well said... but Elias is a bum and he won't step it up. I would trade him NOW before his trade value goes down even more. I never liked Gomez. At first, I thought he would develop into a great player, and that is 70 point season wasn't a fluke. BOY was I wrong. This guy is HORRIBLE. There is no one in the nhl that doesn't know how to use his speed more then Gomez... He skates FULL SPEED into the zone just to throw the puck blindly into the crease even if no Devil is there. Gomez is WORTHLESS! We need a solid play maker, and a guy that earns his $$$.
  4. Lou Hunting A Coyote?

    OK fine.... Elias/Gomez/1st rounder/2nd rounder for Satan.... better? Geeezzzzz, I know the trade is in favor of the Devils, but come on, i've seen worse trades posted on this site.
  5. Lou Hunting A Coyote?

    Elias/Gomez for Satan. That would be a sweet deal for the Devils, but I doubt the Sabres would trade away one of the best players in the league for 2 over-rated upstarts.
  6. Game Thread

    Gomez is terrible. All he does is skate full speed into the zone, almost to the hashmarks, just to drop pass it, or throw it at the point. And when he skates behind the net, he just throws the puck in the crease. It looks like he's scared to hold on to the puck... Gomez, like Elias, is worthless. The Devils need a consistent, solid player, and not guys that blindly throw the puck and can't score for sh*t on breakaways... we need a guy like Thorton, Allison, Forsberg, Modano, Arnott. We need a solid C that will make a play from nothing....
  7. P R E D I C T I O N S - N J @ C G Y Weds. 9 Pm

    Flames 5 Devils 2 Devils under-estimate the Flamers and get flamed. Shwab pulled after 3rd goal, Marty lets in 2 more on just 5 shots. Friesen 2 goals... Elias -4
  8. Yushkevich To Philly

    Bednar was worthless, he racked up those secondary assists that hit off his skates, he had only 9 assist for LA when he got traded....Lilja was like 6-4 and was softer then Brylin... LA would've traded both for a 7th rounder if they were lucky. Getting 2 picks eventually was great... plus a pick in the very deep 2003 draft.... good job by LA
  9. The La Kings

    Huet is going to be a great goalie, agreed to that...
  10. Devils-rangers Game Thread

    I agree, I feel sorry for Pando to be playing with a guy like Elias... It just makes me sick....
  11. Devils-rangers Game Thread

    Elias is worthless. He isn't on a slump, he just sucks. Pandolfo is 100% better then him, I'm serious, Elias can't skate, he can't stick handel, he JUST SUCKS!!!!!! He doesn't try anymore, he wants to leave NJ.. If I was Burns i would bench him for some minor leaguer that would acctually appreciate the NHL, not like a BUMP like Elias.... Elias is the worst player on the team... Gomez is near him... And don't give that crap that he leads the team in scoring... I would trade Elias for a 1st round pick, but that would be ripping off the other team, so I guess we're stuck with him... Everytime Elias touches the puck, something bad happens.. He stick handels on the blue line, forcing the play offside. He can't stick handel on breakaways, he's slower then Albelien.... PLEASE GET RID OF THIS BUM~!!!!!!!!!
  12. The La Kings

    If the deal happens with NJ, LA will get ripped off. I like Ziggy on LA, and if he came to NJ, he would be a 11 goal scorer. The Devils need a big Center, not a winger. Esspecially if Newy doesn't resign...
  13. Is This The Break Down We Have Been Waiting For?

    What's wrong with wanting the best possible team?
  14. Is This The Break Down We Have Been Waiting For?

    In 2000-2001, Elias would score on almost every breakaway/oddman rush. He kept it simple. Can't pass, shoot... In 2002-2003, Elias does the same move over and over again, or shoots right into the goalies chest... On an oddman rush, he tries to be fansy and do a behind the back pass and looks like a moron... Whatever happened to him, he changed. What happened to the 40 goal, 90 point Elias???????
  15. Devils Crawling On Ice & Misfiring On Bench

    Wow, can this article get any more Anti-Burns. The way the Devils are playing lately, the Devils deserve what Burns is giving them... GO BURNS! Maybe if the Devils play better... Burns will be nicer.... 2+2=4...