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  1. go leafs go

  2. go leafs go

    Dont bother, most devils fans would rather show disrespect towards Leaf Fans for whatever reason.
  3. Did anyone watch HNIC tonight?

  4. Did anyone watch HNIC tonight?

  5. Starting Lineup.

    You guys have confidence in Clemmensen.... right
  6. What team has the second lowest GAA in the East?

    I am going to say Rangers
  7. Game Day Thread: Devils vs Islanders

    Just so you guys know, Leafs fans could care less wether or not we get swept in 4 games the Leafs main goal is to make the playoffs after not have been there for 2 years including the lockout. Any wins we get in the playoffs are a bonus.
  8. Starting Lineup.

    Any word on the starting lineup?