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  1. i was just on nhl.com and your so good goalies is out for good
  2. hey Chimaira_Devil_#9 your team has no good players your whole team is your goalies
  3. what the hell do you know you Chimaira_Devil_#9 from london england
  4. see you next year a$$hole i hope you guys get you ass kick and i hope raycroft is gone
  5. your team can score sh!t we will win the cup
  6. because the habs suck and the leafs were the better team so go devils go
  7. hell hey im a Canadian
  8. you guys dont have much to say no wonder we got the best fans in all sports
  9. are you guys scared if we get in we will kick your butt and we have the fans
  10. if the devils lose today i hope your starting goalie gets injuryed in the first game
  11. i hope the devils win so we can get in