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  1. this could be the break we are looking for
  2. not good another penalty..holding
  3. keep throwing them at the net and one will go in. we are the better team.....
  4. forget the 11-23 ot record. we are 1-0 this year and this year is what counts. LETS GO DEVILS!!!!
  5. i'm new here but i agree, tradition is tradition. lets go boys...zach shots and scores 1-0 nj!!!!
  6. I grew up on long island and watched the islanders win 4 cups. While i was in high school the devils came to new jersey and were getting no respect. my best friend told me to watch them they were going to get better. so i started to watch. i felt the devils were like the mets a team that was due to break out and win a championship. plus at that time the islanders were starting to suck and the drive for 5 was stuck in traffic on hempstead turnpike. i could not for the life of me root for the rangers so i took my friends advice and started watching the devils. well and behold in 1988 they took the first step in making the great one eat his words about the devils being a mickey mouse team and showing the tri state area they were a contender for the cup. And from that day on i've stood by the boys from the swamp.