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  1. Gomez to Leave???

    Damn, Never mind. Hey, anyone got any KY? My rear is feeling a little abused.
  2. Gomez to Leave???

    Can you believe it??? Loosing Gomez will be a huge hit to our offense!
  3. Hey Devils Fans

    Hey dude, what position do you play in Lacrosse? Do you play field or box? I coach a little league team here in Houston, Texas.
  4. Howdy

    No, No, and it was BEAUTIFUL watching the Devils take the cup from them in 2000. I acutually get into frequent arguements about the Stars, I usually tick people off by calling them the Northstars. And you know what, most Stars fans down here do not even know that was their old name in Minny.
  5. River Rats clinch playoff spot

    Hey, Hey, Hey, I still wear my Rats jersey with pride. Of course it is last years and has the Devils logo on the shoulder. Seeing the Rats in the playoffs is cool, especially the stupid Canes are out of the NHL playoffs. I am still in shock how they killed the Devils last year. Go Lowell!!!!
  6. Howdy

    Greetings from Texas! I wanted to say hey to everybody; I am orginally from Howell, NJ. Moving down to Texas has not detered my love of Devils hockey, in fact it only increased it due to the lack of coverage. Houston has fun AHL team, the Aeros. The only thing is that they fans are stupid when it comes to hockey. Hope to have a lot of fun on this board.
  7. Playoff Schedule

    Seeing 4 Atlantic teams in the playoffs is both great and scary. What is scary about it is the likelyhood of the Devils meeting a rival in the playoffs. Seeing the Pens/Islanders/Rangers/Devils in the playoffs, especially since my sister is a Flyers fan and talks so much crap about the Devils.