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  1. GDT: Thank You Marty. 8pm MSG+

    I remember watching the game after getting home from playing a high school baseball game and that Marty was called up from junior because the Devils lost 4 goalies due to injury in about 2 weeks including Terreri, Billington, and the immortal Chad Erickson.  I also remember Gary Thorne previewing the game with Peter McNab on Sport Channel talking how this kid Brodeur was so nervous that he didn't stop a single shot during warm-ups.
  2. To be fair the Colts intentionally tanked on a 1984 Penguins level in order to be in position to draft Andrew Luck fully knowing in the previous Spring and Summer that the aging Manning's neck injury was much worse than was initially (mis)reported.  Brady's injury (although in Week 1) still occurred during the season after all of the preseason planning, training camp, etc. The Pats were already committed and could still compete for the Super Bowl with a diminished team that still possessed weapons and an aging but decent defense.  Plus even if the Pats did ponder tanking that season for the draft just look at how terrible the 2009 draft ended up becoming. Manning's biggest regular season issues are that he played in a dome where his biggest years were spent in a division of warm weather/dome expansion teams and that his GM was the head of the NFL's Competition Committee and specifically taylored the 2000's passing/anti-defense rules for Manning.  
  3. World Cup of Hockey

    corruption, greed, and unbelievable costs have sent the Olympics to basically only to be hosted by totalitarian and/or corrupt 3rd world regimes.  The problem is Winter Olympics can only take place in certain areas and its heart is in ski villages in Europe or North America but those areas have loudly given the IOC the finger in the last year over the above issues.  The next 2 Winter games are to be in Asia and will do the NHL nothing (old folks like myself remember 3 a.m. Games from Nagano in 98 whch was brutal). i don't like the set up of the World Cup but I understand what the NHL wants.  Unfortunately unlike the soccer World Cup the stacked team in hockey could put a 20-spot on some lower division international team a la the ole CCCP would do on the Japan's, Holland's, and Romania's of the world.  The last thing the NHL wants is Canada to put a 10-spot on Kazakstan and rip credibility from the tournament. i know the NHL has asked the IOC to move hockey to the Summer Olympics and were rejected due to hockey's status as the games' biggest cash cow.  It sucks that the "winter sport" NBA gets the added advantage of playing their international tournaments in the summer offseason and that hockey is pigeon holed into the Wnter Games.  This is why the World Cup route is the one the NHL is pushing.
  4. The Marty Night thread

    Can I get a vote by acclamation that the next NJDevs.comcon should take place in CR's basement. 
  5. Championship Sunday

    Only thing that can stop Carolina in 2 weeks is if they do something royally stupid off of the field during SB week like partying and/or reading their press clippings.  A lot of SB teams, especially teams full of first timers like Carolina, has gone there ready to celebrate more than play the game.  
  6. Championship Sunday

    Denver's defense and special teams have been the difference so far.  Outside of the Amendolla punt return and the lateral turnover it seems New England has started every drive from their own 20 or worse.
  7. Championship Sunday

    Patriots Offensive line a complete no-show in the 1st half.
  8. NFL Playoffs

    Did somebody forget to tell Seattle that the game started at 1 p.m. EST and not 1 p.m. PST? Old fashioned ass kicking going on in Charlotte right now.
  9. NFL week 17 thread

    Agreed, what's the point running a 1950's offense in the 1st half (to preserve Brady) only to then try to open up in the 2nd half and he gets killed by the wet tissue paper offensive line?  Patriots are 2-4 in their last 6 and desperately look like a team in need of a week off with their bye week happening 3 months ago. That said the 2 seed means potentially Cincy-Houston-KC coming to Foxboro in 2 weeks instead of potentially Pittsburgh-KC.  The abortion that was the Philadelphia game is the one that comes back to haunt the Patriots if the AFC Championship game is in Denver.  That said Denver has shown serious warts at home even in victories and would anybody be surprised if KC or Pittsburgh walked in and won? You're looking at a cavalry of playmakers coming off the injury scratch list for the Pats in 2 weeks.  
  10. NFL Week 14

    Both Cincy and Denver crap the bed at home.  Dalton is rumored out for the year.  Denver has to go to Pittsburgh next week then they both meet in Week 16 in Denver on MNF.  The Patriots making a statement at Houston (especially their defense).  Unless the Patriots stumble against the Jets and Denver/Cincy run the table the Patriots look like they've clinched the #1 seed tonight.    
  11. NFL Week 13

      Patriots defense has given up 14 points (7 on a short field after that stupid onside kick).  Non-Gostkowski special teams suddenly have had 2 brutal games.  Opposing defenses simply don't respect the Patriots pedestrian receivers without Edelman and Gronk.  The offensive line continues to be a problem and without Edelman, Lewis, and Gronk Brady can't quick-pass his way around it.  Perhaps this is the epic wake-up call a team could use?  Last week in Denver had too much "We wuz robbed" residue for that to be.  I still don't see this as a 1-round wonder team as the playoffs will still hinge on Gronk and Edelman.  Denver lost to Indy and KC, Cincy lost to Houston (at home), you can pick out at least a good egg from everybody in the AFC.
  12. GDT 11/3 Devs msg+2 @ Isles msg+ 7pm

      Use dead arena space for extra advertising.   This feels like watching Northeastern v. Providence.
  13. New York Mets 2015 Season Thread

    Wright just carbon copied Piazza's final out in 2000.  Crushed it and everybody knew it but died in CF.
  14. NFL Week 7

    There is so much horrific football being played right now.  Have heard many speculate for the reasons why and most have centered on the spread offense in high school and college football where there's no real development happening anymore of the quarterback, offensive line, and defensive back positions anymore.  Heard Francesa this week speculate if this continues if a big power conference such as the SEC or Big 10 could go rogue and switch to NFL rules as a recruiting tool.
  15. New York Mets 2015 Season Thread

      That's the playoffs.  Great pitching usually shuts down great hitting which results in games being won on the margins.  Murphy's smarts, deGrom's balls, and Collins plan delivered.