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  1. Adopt an Angler Contest

    Hello Devils Fans, It's been a few weeks since i've been here last. I'd like to think that i didnt ruffle too many feathers during the PO's. I'm back again now, to ask a favour of this fine hockey community. I subcribe to WFN (World Fishing Network) on Rogers cable and watch it almost everyday. When it came to my attention, that WFN and Rogers Personal TV had joined together to launch an "Adopt an Angler" contest. I just knew i had to get in on the chance to win a brand new bass boat. I will probably never be able to afford to buy a boat like this in my lifetime. In order to win the grand prize (Brand new 2007 Panfish 17 Tracker Boat with Trailer and a $2,000 Shopping spree to Bass Pro Shops Canada as well as lessons from WFN Pro Angler), I need to explain why I believe i suffer from Deprived Angler Disorder (D.A.D) and thus am unable to reach my full fishing potential. I posted my reason why i think i deserve to be adopted by WFN and Rogers Personal TV and included a photo of my typical catch while fishing. I encourae all of you to visit the following website and vote for me (Rob Hallman) to be adopted by WFN and Rogers Personal TV as the most deprived and deserving angler out there. Here is my written entry, as to why i believe i should be adopted by WFN and Rogers Personal TV as the ultimate deprived angler. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++ Hello WFN & Rogers Personal TV and all DAD Helpers, My name is Rob and i am in my mid 40's. I've been suffering from DAD for over 25 years. I suffer from many of the symptoms common amongst DAD sufferers. I hate worms so bad, I make it a point to walk at least 20 feet around any worms that may be on the road after a good rain storm. If you paid me a dime for every fish that has been lost at the net by me, i'd be able to retire and buy my own boat, tackle, etc. The only thing i need to carry my tackle in is a small sandwich size tupperware container. I remember reading in a magazine once about something called "trolling" and up until just recently i thought trolling was what you did in an online message board to bait other members. Maybe the reason why i can't catch fish is in the rod and reel combo i bought back in 1989 at Canadian Tire for $29.99 or maybe it's the fact that i only change my fishing line every 5 or 6 years. It seems okay to me when i pull on it. I also have the worst casting skills anyone can ever have. In fact it's so bad that whenever someone is within 20 to 30 ft...i give them fair warning by saying "Heads Up". Don't even think about asking me to hold anything bigger then what you see in the photo below, because i don't want to be responsible for dropping your fish back into the lake or river. It's an all too familiar story with me. I just don't know what to do anymore and need help with all of this. The problem is....when i do get the chance to fish (very rare), I catch fish like the one in the photo below. To bad you don't see my face in the pick, because i had this look of complete and utter elation. Can you imagine the look on my face if i actually caught something a little bigger. Regards A long time DAD sufferer. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +++++++++++++++ +++ Here is my typical catch, when i actually do get a chance to go out fishing.... Here is what the adopted angler with the most votes wins.... Nice comfortable seats and a fish finder... A live well.... Throw in a $2000.00 shopping spree at Bass Pro Shop and it makes for a dream package. Vote for me today and everyday, until the end of July 2007. My name is Robert Hallman from Ottawa, Ontario. Case #: lWbWVQ. You can't miss it. It's the one with a picture of me holding one of my prized perch catches. I'm on page 1 right now in 8th place, but hope to move up quickly. I can't win without your help. Vote at link below....currently number 8 on page 1. http://www.wfn.tv/rogers/archives.php?page=1 Thanks in advance, Cheers, Until Next Time!! sensfan101
  2. GDT: Ottawa at Devils Game-5 5/5 8:00 PM

    Well it's been fun Devils Fans. Time to move on to the Sabres Board. I really thought the Devils would win tonight. The Sens only played one period and still won the game. Kind of surprising. Do you Devils fans give the Sens much hope against the Sabres or Rangers (less likely)?
  3. OOT Scoreboard - Thurs. 5/3.

    Not the way i wanted this series to end. When the Canucks figure out how to score goals, they will be a really dangerous team. I guess the hopes of a Canadian based team winning the cup, rest on the Sens shoulders now.
  4. GDT: DEVILS @ SENS 7pm 5/2/07

    I agree. It's "win a cup or else" mindset around here. I guess time will tell how this years PO's turn out. Will the Sens finally win a cup? I can only . As a Sens fan...i'm tired of
  5. GDT: DEVILS @ SENS 7pm 5/2/07

    The Sens didnt want to go back to ER tied 2-2. Momentum is key. If the Sens would have lost tonight...they would have lost momentum. I still say the series will go 6 or 7 games. Here's something interesting....The Sens have not lost 2 games in a row in 2007. However, if any team can beat the Sens in 3 straight games it's the Devils and Brodeur. Keep you head up Devs fans and remember.....it takes 4 to win and the 4th game is always the toughest to get.
  6. GDT: DEVILS @ SENS 7pm 5/2/07

    20 minutes is an eternity in playoff hockey. Still lots of time for the devils to score 2 goals. Brodeur will probably hold the fort the rest of the game. The Sens need to keep firing pucks at the net and hope for an insurance goal. I still say this series will go 6 or 7 games.
  7. OOT Scoreboard - Mon. 4/30.

    i think we see a sharks vs ducks WCF. I'm hoping for a Sens vs Sabres ECF.
  8. GDT: Game 3, Devils vs. Senators (Series Tied 1-1)

    My Take on Game 2. I was not upset that the Sens lost 3-2 in OT. They played okay as a team and to be able to bring it to OT, was an accomplishment in itself. Emery should have had both goals. The timekeeper stuff just made me laugh...so what if he/she was .7 seconds late starting the clock. It was just human error. The Sens lost and we move on. Brodeur was excellent as well. But that is par for the course when it comes to Brodeur. My take on game 3. On the Preissing goal, Brodeur was interfered with by Fisher. The Sens got away with one there. As far as the Emery thing goes....i agree that he has not looked as good as Brodeur has in this series. He has been shaky at times, but also has made some decent saves. I guess the Sens defence get the credit for this SO win. Now we move on the game 4 and i'm sure it will be another low scoring game. I predicted a 6 or 7 games series an i'm sticking to it. Go Sens Go!!!
  9. New Devils song- Only the Good Win Cups!

    Here's another song about Emery. Emery Go Sens Go!!!
  10. New Devils song- Only the Good Win Cups!

    Here you go. From TGOR Nation. The Devils? The Devils. Devils vs Sens Go Sens Go!!!
  11. New Devils song- Only the Good Win Cups!

    I liked it. I guess the Sens will have to counter, with a rally song of their own. Go Sens Go!!!!
  12. GDT sens @ DEVILS 7pm

    I'm okay with the reponses i have been getting from members on this board. I am in enemy territory after all and should expect some bashing to be going on. At least you Devils fans are not making fun of Murray and how he talks with a lisp or calling Heatley a murderer or making comments like " i hope heatley drives Spezza to the game or booing the Canadian National Anthem. Let's let the chips fall where they may and have a fun ride in the process.