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  1. Well I haven't been here in a while... but anyway, this is a long shot, but does anyone have the September 24th issue, that has the article "Stay" in it... it's the cover story. I cannot get the article online. I have to write an essay on it. I guess I should have looked earlier BUT they have it at the bookstore by me every time... and today they just happened to sell out. I need it before tomorrow. A photocopy, or picture of the pages in the article would help me IMMENSELY... i figure someone/someones parents on here must have it. i'm rather desperate.
  2. So did anyone see the Britney trainwreck?

    mr. goat told me about this and I had to return from the dead to talk about it. I thought this was the worst VMAs yet. Holy Crap it was bad. The first year they took it out of New York it was alright. But I thought putting it in an arena was a sh!tty idea. But ever since then It's gotten a lot worse. I don't even know wtf was going on tonight, there were none of those impressive performances going on. I can't think of another VMA where each performance wasnt introduced and given a full time slot. But this year they cut it to two hours and cut some of the awards and added new asinine ones like "MONSTER SMASH HIT OF THE DECADALENNIUM OMGBBQ" (ok not really. but close) because their ratings have fallen fro over 10 mil viewers to 5 mil in the past few years. As if this isn't going to hurt more. They need to go back to the 2001 format, and 2001 venue. Plain and simple. And Britney Spears... Christ. I don't even know what to say about that one. The rumor amongst her supporters are that she knew Sarah Silverman was going to make fun of her so she refused to perform good on stage. Which makes no sense. At all. She could have just walked off, and giving a bad performance on National TV to spite MTV makes no sense. Because everyone is just going to think that you suck when its over. Also the rumor MTV had told Silverman not to insult Britney's kids. But judging from the article on MTV.com and the fact Sarah rehearsed backstage before the skit makes it look like MTV didn't really give a sh!t. looks like the jokes on Britney. Granted, if i were Britney, I would want to kick Sarah Silverman's ass. But I just refuse to believe her bad performance was a result of knowing she was going to be made fun of for performing bad... Wow, what a long post I just made about something so very unimportant.
  3. Plastic Surgery

    i think plastic surgery has become pretty safe. it's becoming ridiculously common. right now i would not get plastic surgery at all. but i cant sit here and say that i think anyone who would is making a bad choice, because i dont really know what i'm going to look like 40 years down the road, and i might feel the need to do it.
  4. Allergies

    ive been using other peoples prescriptions to find something that works. allegra works the best for me. i still have some symptoms if i spend the day outdoors but when i'm indoors im pretty clear. simple OTC benadryl always worked the best for me, but it makes me so damn tired i swear i fall asleep standing up.
  5. After one year...how do you like our new goal song?

    i like it. i think its funny.
  6. Jagr Married?

    yeah thats totally not because he has a lot of money. that is going to last SO long.
  7. New Jerseys 2007-2008???

  8. I think college in general sucks.

    haha. yeah SVA is interesting, everyone who goes there either says the school is the greatest thing in life, or that it should be burnt down. it just isnt for me. and i see a lot of people who have their degrees in art and had to get a minimum wage job to make ends meet. if thats what someone wants to do thats fine with me but its not worth it to me. being practical and all.
  9. I think college in general sucks.

    when i was at our lovely raritan valley community college, i met someone who spent four years there, full time, pursuing the same degree the whole time. now that one really confused me. and yeah, im basically gonna just go that whole. undecided/liberal arts route and take classes and tour the rainforest or africa or something.
  10. Does anyone like the Cyanide and Happiness cartoons?

    it is so wrong. i love it.
  11. I think college in general sucks.

    I guess it's not that bad in theory. forgive me for this whining b!tch of a post. But right now I'm irritated as hell, I went to county for a semester, i had a 3.2 and got into the school i've been trying to go to for a year, only to find that i don't really like it very much, and am pretty sure im going back to county college for a summer semester. i just kindof freaked out and gave up at the very end of the semester. i know it could be a lot worse, and i just finished freshman year and it's not like people dont change their minds/majors a million times, but first three years of highschool i didnt do well, so i spent all of senior year and then a semester at cc just to bring my gpa up enough to get in to my current school. it was the only school i applied to, so i just focused everything i had on that, and now i feel so deflated. i go to art school now, and for the longest time art was my everything. since i was a little kid really. but i feel my interests shifting, and i feel confused and retarded. and i drank four cans of soda while going over school catalogs tonight because i've become absolutely obsessed with this sh!t, so my mind is just going a mile a minute and making it a lot worse. i guess i know what i have to do, and what mistakes i've made so far.. but it makes me feel better to complain a little bit, and i dont want to get on my families/friends/fiestys(boyfriends) nerves, because once i get started i could go on about this for DAYS.
  12. Clemens back with Yankees

    ^^^you should have seen him when they announced it during the sabres/rangers game. he started jumping up and down and cursing all the sudden. i was so confused.
  13. GDT: Ottawa at Devils Game-5 5/5 8:00 PM

    I am so proud to be mexican.
  14. I Don't Want This to End...

    you're not even leaving new jersey. i don't think you're going to have a problem...
  15. Finals suck.