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  1. GDT: Game 3, Devils vs. Senators (Series Tied 1-1)

    Okay boys, just a little sensitive there, but I can understand that after a loss, I would feel the same way. I did not slander Jersey, other that my comment on Lamoriello. The entire NHL shares the same sentiment, so it's not a huge suprise. And yes, give credit to the man for exposing weaknesses to the CBA and using them to his advantage. I am not a Philly fan, I am an Ottawa fan. Even if Ottawa gets up 3-1, NJ has a good enough goaltender to give them fight until the very end. I respect the NJD a lot, but most notably Mr. Brodeur.
  2. Devils Open Semifinals With Sens On Thursday

    You have to be kidding me. When the Devils are on TV, there a GOBS of empty seats to see, like it's half empty, so I wouldn't compare Ottawa to NJD in terms of venue. It's a well know fact that attendance in at NJD games is not great, especially given the championships they bring to the city. Ottawa is traditionally slow in tickets sales, but you won't see blocks of seats empty at Scotiabank Place for this round.
  3. Devils Open Semifinals With Sens On Thursday

    Tickets. I am thinking of making the road trip from Canada. What are my chances of getting $40 tickets in the bleeders? I see LOTS of empty seats on TV, but they tend to be in the mid and lower bowls. Looking for NJD fans to advise on this one. Thanks!