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  1. nj.com

    There are some good, knowledgeble posters on there, but the trolls take over. Do you know any of them that are on here so that I can talk to them? Are you one of them? No one seems to be responding to me here since I am a rookie. Have been a Devs fan since '82 when I was 7 years old. Used to be on DevilsRule.com, but there are a lot of trolls there, too. Was told that this place was the best. Thanks!
  2. i want to make a trade with the habs

    Insane. Keep Gionta, he is young and a cornerstone! He stays at all costs. I'll take Souray from the Habs, though, for Rafalski, straight-up. Maybe throw in a pick and/or prospect on each side. AND PARISE? EVEN MORE INSANE!
  3. Elias has to take a paycut

    Doesn't have to take a pay cut! We have him locked up for how long? I say everyone should lay off Elias. He is not only coming off a serious illness, but is filling big skates taking over as captain since Stevens. He has done more good than bad by far for this team, and everyone shouldn't be so harsh on him. I hope he has a monster of a season next year.
  4. CAA

    Have many great memories there. Grew up there. Was there for the 1st all-star game w/ Joe Cirella. Was there for the Mother's Day Walkout w/ the whole "Have Another Donut" Shoenfeld/Koharski debacle. How about it? Score-O, pot being smoked on the upper ring, Captain Kirk, Pat Verbeek, the Little Ball of Hate, plus the Cups, seeing Marty score a goal vs. Habs in '96 playoffs. And who can forget the Giants Stadium tunnel? Let the good times roll in Newark, though!
  5. nj.com

    Anyone here on that site? I am Skalde. Just got banned. If you know that forum, I belive that Clootie is indeed the moderator. I didn't say anything offensive and he is still on there.
  6. we will win wed night

    They need to get back to the fundamentals. Crisp outlet passes out of the zone instead of panicking w/ the puck....at least get it to past the blue line. Go after loose pucks and rapid fire on Emery! He's really not that good, we just are not testing him enough. I wouldn't mind seeing one of the fourth liners up w/ the top 2 lines every once in a while to screen Emery and pick up the garbage. Put Rupp in front on the PP and Gionta in the slot, and see what happens. And please, can they start hitting back? Ottawa is pushing them around too much; another reason to get bigger guys up on the finesse lines every once in a while. They HAVE to win Game 4, this is a must win.