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  1. I met him at the devils pens game on st pattys day. Such a good guy
  2. anyone have a stream?i dont have internet explorer
  3. I feel like this is the first positive thing Melrose has ever said about the Devils.
  4. Bergfors is a healthy scratch....weird
  5. Any idea what the latest is that I can show up for $10 tickets?
  6. To any yankee fans: bernie williams will be on ken's intermission show. just thought id relay the information
  7. double postage by crosby haha
  8. false. cause as a yankee fan id rather see the mets beat boston but would never want rags>flyers

  9. I feel like Pando is giving it his all as of late...I like it
  10. speaking of the PPV tonight. lets go devils chant was pretty cool
  11. This is really pumping me up for tonight. Leaving shortly!
  12. Do this! haha
  13. Avalanche Wild Lightning
  14. Originally Posted by NYROrtsFan "Wow... Now people care more about small pieces of excitement rather than winning. You take your fly line and I'll take my Stanley Cup." This makes me laugh
  15. I'm really starting to like the way Rupp has been playing.