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  1. I have a feeling a Kovalchuk, Wood for Galchenyuk would be the bulk of a trade to Montreal.
  2. The obvious pick is Nolan Patrick if healthy. He had a better -1 draft season than the majority of draft eligible players. His release is elite, I was watching video comparing his 15-16 season to Zacha draft year and his shot blows Zacha's out of the water. For a 6`3 traditional type center to have that sort of release you have to think Getzlaf. Patrick's -1 draft year he had 54 goals in 93 games for a .58 goals per game. He averaged .79 assists per game. Zacha's +1 draft year 32 goals in 58 games for a .58 goals per game. He averaged .74 assists per game. Remember how amazing Zacha was during his +1 season? Well Patrick was better than him a year before his draft season.
  3. As I mentioned on HF, he most likely plays in the CHL this season.
  4. John Moore selected by Las Vegas Trade for Jacob Silverberg and Calvin De Haan. Both would be exposed. Taylor Hall - Travis Zajac - Kyle Palmieri Adam Henrique - Nolan Patrick - Jacob Silverberg Mike Cammalleri - Pavel Zacha - Beau Bennett Miles Wood - Joseph Blandisi - Nick Lappin Calvin De Haan- Kevin Shattenkirk Andy Greene - Damon Severson Jon Merrill - Steven Santini Cory Schneider Keith Kinkaid
  5. These are the 3 players that NJ should be keying on: Jonas Brodin Jacob Silverberg Calvin de Hann
  6. Kolvachuk is not better than Palmieri at this point. The unknown probably plays well for Kovalchuk's trade value since he is most likely a 50 point PP guy in the NHL now that is terrible defensively. NJ getting a 1st at this point would be great.
  7. Not the player NJ needs in a rebuild. Trade him for a 1st and a prospect. You can then move that 1st for a pretty good young asset.
  8. It would be nice to add Kelleher and Kerfoot to an already strong Albany roster.
  9. This is excellent news. You have a defensmen who has led his team in scoring the last two years and the other led his team in scoring by over 20 points as a winger. To make things better, his center McNicholas was second on team in scoring. the two previous seasons he put up 13 points in 44 games his previous two seasons. Both would most likely be instant offensive leaders in the AHL IMO.
  10. No, with a rebound season he is the difference from a 20th place team to a playoff team. If NJ for some reason ends up getting Hischier you have the possibility of adding McLeod, Speers, Quenneville, Hischier and Kelleher in the next two years to an already very young forward crew. NJ is an attractive location being so close to NYC.
  11. Cory Schneider is one of the selling points for FA's to come to NJ. at this point it's too late to trade him. If it was going to get done it should have happened two years ago.
  12. I think NJ needs to play Kinkaid a little more, to work him out of his slump.
  13. Just once it would be nice to see a young player come out of no where and put up 40+ point next season for some alternate scoring.
  14. Devils need to develop prospects. They haven't hit in europe since Elias/Sykora.
  15. 0 points in 12 WJC games for Russia vs 10 points in 14 games 2 points in 39 games on a weak KHL team vs 9 points in 47 games on maybe the best KHL team in the last 20 years. Yegor Rykov has much higher potential than Zaitsev at the same age. Closer to Orlov IMO.