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  1. You are too high on him until he develops substance to his game. his passing, skating and hands are top 6 already.
  2. 1st and 2nd lines play the exact same 5 on 5 minutes. Bennett won't play on the PP or PK so playing a lot of minutes 5 on 5 (his strength) is in the best interest of the team.
  3. NJ has gone from a team with many holes up front to a team very deep on the wings. There are going to be a lot of camp battles with a lot of those good players being forced to play in the AHL. Locks: Taylor Hall, Adam Henrique, Kyle Palmieri, Mike Cammalerri, Travis Zajac, Beau Bennett, Jacob Josefson, Vernon Fiddler, Devante Smith-Pelly Safe: Reid Boucher, Sergei Kalinen Battle: Joseph Blandisi, Pavel Zacha, John Quenneville, Miles Wood, Nick Lappin, Luke Gazdic I believe Gazdic will hold one of the extra spots, for a goon he actually does well possession wise relative top his team. He just had a terrible PDO. I believe Miles Wood will definately make his way on the Devils unless Shero veto's Hynes. Wood can be an elite 4th liner to start and work his way up the lineup. Speed kills and he fits the framework of this team. I believe Zacha will start in Albany and take over for Josefson if he fails to produce. I love Lappin and think his window is smaller than others but he will have to wait and force his way on the team. Taylor Hall - Adam Henrique - Beau Bennett Mike Cammalerri - Travis Zajac - Kyle Palmieri Reid Boucher - Jacob Josefson/Pavel Zacha - Devante Smith-Pelly Sergei Kalinen - Vernon Fiddler - Miles Wood Luke Gazdic, Shots per 60: Hall - 10.29 Cammalerri - 2.45 Bennett - 7.96 Smith-Pelly - 7.34 Boucher - 6.67 Palmeri - 6.59 Fiddler 6.47 Cammalerri - 6.28 Gazdic - 6.02 Henrique - 5.77 Josefson - 5.47 Zajac - 4.84 Kalinen - 4.12 NJ should score a lot more
  4. Lets hope NJ signs Austin Cangelosi, he has scored at every level and Id expect him to atleast he an AHL scorer.
  5. I feel the following will be lines in camp: Hall-Henrique-Bennett Cammalerri-Zajac-Palmieri Elias-Zacha-Boucher Kalinen-Josefson-Smith-Pelly
  6. Would love to see Hall-McLeod-Bennett in preseason for a game. Fastest devils line ever.
  7. http://stats.swehockey.se/Teams/Info/PlayersByTeam/6053#AIK
  8. I found their team stats which has +- for and against for every player on the team. The top two lines were very obvious and I took a guess that the next LW was higher on the depth charts based on 8 or 9 more events over the course of the season. I'll see if I can dig it up.
  9. I am really liking this pick by the Devils, I'm not sure why we don't have threads for all the players like HFBOARDS. http://www.eliteprospects.com/player.php?player=117698 http://www.allaboutthejersey.com/2016/6/25/12021466/2016-nhl-draft-new-jersey-devils-select-jesper-bratt-sixth-round This kid had numbers Draft -1 similar to Dmytro Timashov (Timashov was an Oct bday), Jonathan Dahlen (Dec birthday), Alex Nylander, Jakub Vrana and Lucas Wallmark. So what about his draft year. Playing 4th line minutes he put up 8 goals and 9 assists in 48 games. Dahlen put up 15 goals 14 assists in 51 games in the same league with essentially an extra year of development. He maybe soft, he maybe poor defensively but he is a 17 year old Swedish kid who obviously has speed, skill and a shot.
  10. Michael McLeod - Bob 15, Pronman 20, McKeens 7, FC 15, Lowetide 23, ISS 13 Nathan Bastian - Bob 36, FC 37, Pronman 76, McKeens 49, Lowetide 33, ISS 31 Joey Anderson - Bob 56, FC 55, Pronman 33, McKeens 82, Lowetide 88, ISS 69 Jesper Bratt - NR, FC 78, Pronman 49, McKeens 128, Lowetide 100, ISS 130 Brandon Gignac - NR, FC 83, Pronman NR, McKeens 83, Lowetide 66 Mikhail Maltsev - Bob 80, FC 98, Pronman NR, ISS 90, Lowetide NR Yegor Rykov - Bob NR, FC 114, Pronman 59, Lowetide 83, ISS 145 Some nice picks in there, i left out Cormier and Davies since they are barely ranked.
  11. Well between the 1st and 2nd line, where one slots is all chemistry. Both play roughly the same amount of minutes 5 on 5. I would most definitely play him ahead of DSP.
  12. Too be fair, Ken Daneyko wasn't the smartest or high skilled player. McLeod is a center, you sort of want those guys to be intelligent.
  13. While always being injured he still is a 1.28 P/60 player. i think he fits in well with Henrique and Cammalleri. He generally decent at shots/60 as well.
  14. i know there are some exceptions to the rule but he also didn't interview well at all.
  15. He doesn't seem all that intelligent in how he speaks. He knew absolutely nothing about the Devils which concerns me for a person looking to play in the NHL, you would think he could name someone other than Brodeur.