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  1. Since I am completely done with the Sabres

    Whatever you choose don't go running back to the Sabres if they win the cup someday.
  2. Patrick Marleau?

    "If Marleau is made available in trade, the Devils should emerge as worthy suitor. With Gomez and Rafalski both gone, New Jersey GM Lou Lamoriello has the cap room to take on Marleau's contract and sign him to an extension. And perhaps most importantly of all, because the Devils are moving into a new arena this coming fall, it's mission critical that they christen the building with a formidable lineup. And with the stakes also raised by yet another division rival, it's clear that Lamoriello cannot stand pat if he wants his team to remain a contender for their first season in Newark." http://www.nysun.com/article/57668?page_no=3
  3. My thoughts....

    I'm also excited about the future of the organization. We had to make a change and how can you keep Gomez and Rafalski and not be in cap trouble again? Lou has more room to work with now and he can work with a better future UFA market while other teams are stuck with long term contracts from this one. We can give our young players their opportunity to shine and have room to make the right adjustments. It's better to see a change that will hurt us a little in the present than staying with the same team and cap trouble while still getting hurt in the present because we are missing a key piece to not be outplayed in the second round of the playoffs all over again. I think Lou is being responsible and I'm exited for the future. GO DEVILS!
  4. nj.com

    The trolls at nj.com are unbearable and they get away with stuff while the real fans get deleted. I think the Clootie guy gets more attention then he deserves. I use the same name ""thehooligan" at nj.com but I don't post much over there. With too lax moderation it becomes a name calling fest.
  5. im NEW

  6. Baltimore Devils fan

  7. Congrats to the Sens!

  8. The official 'changes you want' thread

  9. Perspective

    This is a great organization with a great GM. We had a drought from 1995 through 2000 but Lou finds a way to create winning teams. This is the best organization in the past 15 years. We have great young players and a bright future!
  10. From a sens fan...

  11. From a sens fan...

  12. Looking back: Firing Julien?

    It was a gamble but who knows how well Julien would fare in the playoffs? I like Julien and all and felt bad for him but it pisses me off the media was rooting for the move to be a failure.
  13. Congrats to the Sens!

    They are a hell of a team and I am going to pull for them in the playoffs. Hopefully we are going to make some changes in the offseason because we have 2 straight season with pretty much the same team that was not able to go beyond the second round. We need new blood. Lou is going to make some changes I'm sure. I hope we hire Pat Burns not only because he is a hell of a coach but because it would be nice seeing him back at work after the cancer. We can't win them all! GO DEVILS!