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  1. Is this gonna be another sharks / wings game? 4-1? Maybe more! This is embarassing, and quite pathetic.
  2. 2-1 oh joy. AND ANOTHER PENATLY. Someone hide the fvcking self-destruct button from the Devils; they seem to hit it way too often.
  3. Devils need to go back to puck-handling school, I think. They scare me sometimes, being unable to control the puck. Like so... 1-1 >
  4. 1 - 0, woot! (Doc did the NBC game today (sharks)
  5. Prediction: They'll win tonight, but lose monday. 4-2 series for Ottawa. :\
  6. Brodeur had better just be buying time... And yes, Comrie is indeed a whining prick.
  7. Oh joy, 5 on 3. *prepares the grave*
  8. Sigh... Nothing new with White, there
  9. He needs to SHOOT first.