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  1. where to see the devils the next season?

    It will also be possible to use bus ? Do you have an idea of the price if i want to take a taxi ? Vive l'administration Bush !
  2. Hello everybody, I am a french fan of the new jersey devils. I live in France and i will visit New York city the first week of december. During this travell, i will certainly see a hockey match in the New Jersey. I know the continental airlines arena, where the game takes place, but i have seen that a new arena is in construction : The prudential center, near Newark airport. To reserve from France, i have to pass by ticketmaster web site. In december, the hockey match and nba match will take place still in continental airlines arena or in prudential center ? If i take a ticket for continental airlines arena, can i use it to see the match in prudential center, if the game is now play here ?