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  1. McAmmond possibly out (Sens)

    Hey BSF, I am a Sens fan & lurk on Snet (about 2 years now), my password & e-mail are messed up on there & won;t let me post there, I may not post, but I do read everything there Hope to see a good game tonight Devils no matter the outcome
  2. McAmmond possibly out (Sens)

    JUST saw McAmmond in the warm up on TV, guess the report was premature or a last minute decision changed it. Sorry for getting hopes up Go Sens Go
  3. McAmmond possibly out (Sens)

    Hello Devil fans, brought you a tidbit of info you might find interesting: Cut & paste from Sportsnet as reported by "Mooner" According to the Sun, Dean McAmmond might miss tonight's game with a sore throat, since he missed practice the other day. If he is out, then Brian McGratton or Lawrence Nycholat (sp) might be in. If Nycholat is in, then they will play with 7 defencemen. Sorry, checked Sun, but couldn't find source report. Go Sens Go