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  1. Ebay wise... she has two listings currently... A signed Brodeur CCM retro replica jersey she received from a former Devil for her to benefit the family of her late brother. Proceeds are going to her niece's college fund (as she graduates HS soon) http://www.ebay.com/itm/Martin-Brodeur-SIGNED-Retro-Red-Green-Home-NJ-Devils-Jersey-Size-XL-CCM-NWT/222525311920 And a signed Taylor Hall bobble head, with proceeds going to West Orange Trap Neuter Vaccinate Return http://www.ebay.com/itm/Taylor-Hall-NJ-Devils-SIGNED-Bobblehead/222523093530
  2. Do you know what handle she sells under?
  3. That's great news... I was not a fan of her at all. I agree she grew into the role a bit; but I think that's mixed with a healthy dose of growing to accept it as the new norm.
  4. I was going to look great, mediocre or bad depending on last night. I got both matchups wrong last night in the game 7s... boo. Arne wins this if the Penguins win.
  5. Everyone picked the same teams in a small pool. ha
  6. I'm going Nolan Patrick; I think he's a better fit for us and I hope he overcomes the injuries. Nico, to me, seems like a better fit for the Flyers. But honestly, either of them are great picks to have.
  7. Personally, I'm fine trading him to the Rangers if they are the top bidders; especially if we are committed to the rebuild for the next season or two. It won't honestly matter except our "pride"... I wouldn't want pride to get in the way of our benefit. I don't think we will trade with the Rangers in the end; but if it's the top haul; why not?
  8. Gotta love when the commercials exceed the clip. And borderline is kind.
  9. South Jersey is very much Philly... you drive around and it's all Eagles/Phillies/Flyers, etc... plus, that's where everyone in Philly goes to the beach. I'd question how much of a "professional" broadcaster you'd be, if you couldn't put team preferences aside for your career.
  10. I hope she isn't on air... Breakfast on Broad was HORRIBLE. And for those judging on looks... here she is jumping into a pool... with all the fans of Breakfast on Broad showing up for support. http://www.csnphilly.com/video/breakfast-broads-sarah-baicker-does-polar-plunge
  11. But we can't trade him without a contract anyway... My whole argument is on his worth to other teams; I wouldn't accept a contingent 3rd for him. I'd want a 2nd and more. Ideally, I'd rather just have him playing for us and help us get back into the playoffs; but if he want's to be on a competitive team; you sign him to a 1yr deal and trade him to a willing team. The only willing teams would be competitive, win-now teams who will happily trade their 2nd rounder plus for a top 6 player.
  12. A 43yo Jagr got a 2nd and 3rd in February; with 29pts in 57 games... as a UFA. Lee Stempniak got a 2nd and a 3rd as well. I think you could trade Kovy for at least a 2nd as the floor... likely 2nd and a prospect, etc. I'd still press him to stay the season to at least the deadline to see what he can do for us in the "New York" area... before we trade him to a tax-free Florida team?
  13. I'll take my bracket so far. Especially since I have Nashville winning this round NSH over CHI in 6 games, --right, but they swept in 4. MIN over STL in 5 games, --ouch, Blues win in 5 ANA over CAL in 4 games, -- perfect. right, they swept. EDM over SJS in 6 games, -- perfect. right, in six NYR over MTL in 7 games, -- right, but in six OTT over BOS in 6 games, -- perfect. right, in six WAS over TOR in 5 games, -- right, but in six PIT over CBJ in 5 games -- perfect, right in five
  14. Agree 100% keeping the theme going. ha
  15. I'm in a better position this upcoming season than I was last season. I paid too much in my pre-draft deals last season (and again wound up in 4th in 2015/16). It sucks losing my 2017 6th rounder but the trade itself doesn't read too bad now. I gave up my 6th and 20th of next season for Zamboni's 10th and Hasan's 14th. (Renting Gaudreau and Kopitar, and flipping Gaudreau later)