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  1. Never give up on young D-men; ever.
  2. And for the record... this came down to something as small as a single goalie win. You each had 40 wins, and were splitting points 11 and 12 between each other. It would have been tied if Swamps pulled out an extra win (+.5 to him -.5 to NJDefenders - tied at 152)... and then I'm not sure what happens...
  3. Thank you, thank you... tha... wait what... Sworn Defenders came in T-4th? Congrats NJDefenders... A truly remarkable turnaround from last year and a well fought championship. You know your the champ when immediately after your win, other teams start to model themselves after you... and you're seeing that already with max games. I thought for sure Hasan would catch you this week; but what do I know, I only have a fourth place medal. And Swamps; 2002- 1st of 20 2003- 1st of 20 2005- 5th of 20 2006- 4th of 20 (12th for me; my first year) 2007- 3rd of 20 (T6) 2008- 2nd of 20 (16) 2009- 1st of 20 (16) 2010- 1st of 20 (2) 2011- 13th of 17(1) 2012- 2nd of 19(1) 2013- 2nd of 20 (1) 2014- 2nd of 14 (10) 2015- 2ndof 14 (T4) ---------------------- That's 4 titles (30.7%), 5 seconds (38.5%), 1 third (7.7% each for the rest), 1 fourth, 1 fifth and one sh!tty season where you came in 13th; over these 13 seasons. Simply wow. My 3 titles, 1 second a 4th and six, paired four sh!t seasons out of ten seasons seems more like luck compared to you.
  4. My push for goalie wins came too late. I feel confident my team was drafted/built right besides Goalie. I never do well in hits/blocks; but typically ride a hot goalie which masks that. This year neither category did well for me. As mentioned before, I don't think my goalie trade was that spectacular. Mrazek took over the reigns in Detroit as I traded him; so the benefit of Rinnes' turned around was a moot point. I strongly feel Hasan will win this.
  5. Calling all NHL 14 PS3 players

    I play the XBox version; aylbert on there as well
  6. I paid a huge price but to me it's been worth it. Perry in 27 games since has gone 13-11-24 (9 on PP), +3 with 28 hits, 9 blocks and 2 GWG. Rinne in 20 games has posted a 13-4-3 record, with a 2.19 GAA, .923 GAA and 2 SHO and the starter I traded away Mrazek in 20 games has gone 10-7-2 (one was in relief), with a 2.46 GAA, .909 GAA, 2 SHO. So I improved a tad giving up swapping goalies (and a strong keeper); but lost Perry. I traded Perry for a goalie because I also gained Kucherov and Nash... Kucherov in 25 games has since gone 9-12-21 (8 on PP), 12 hits, 7 blocks, 1 GWG Nash in 7 games [OUCH] has since gone 1-0-0 (0 on PP), 5 hits, 4 blocks, 1 GWG
  7. Ive lost a few good goalie starts because the lineups get messed up when I add/drop for IR purposes. I usually set my lineups a week / week and a half out. Rinne has been pretty good this past month or so. Miller and Bob less so.
  8. No... to myself. I had a horrible week.
  9. What do you mean by stupid idea? Managing game limits and playing stat players is what makes roto leagues fun. You don't have to deal with "damn, Crosby only plays twice this week" like you do in H2H
  10. It'll be interesting to see how this plays out with a month to go. I wouldn't be as confident in NJDefenders position. A lot of those categories look like they could erode with limited games. He might even place 3/4. Or win it... or second... ha
  11. FYI: Today is our trade deadline day
  12. I think it's best just to layoff talking about potential future trades later... a lot can happen, etc. That said, I am looking to move two additional keeper candidates. Jordan Staal has been really turning it on of late with great supporting stats... Bobby Ryan is also available.
  13. Sworn Defenders trade Tyler Toffoli and Michael Cammalleri (IR) to Zamboni Warriors for Ryan Johansen and Brent Seabrook To make room, Sworn Defenders release Cody Ceci.
  14. Agreed... I'd prefer replacement over contraction.