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  1. NJDevs '17-18 Fantasy Hockey

    I just need to let Bob stay in ne and not worry about goalie games played... every time I play someone else it messes it up later (like I inadvertently played Elliott tonight instead of Bob) and lost a vital shutout.
  2. Find the dumb GM - Marc Bergevin edition

    I don’t want Weber for the next 9 years or so through 2025/26... too much term given he’s 32
  3. WTF does Yahoo have against me?
  4. NJDevs '17-18 Fantasy Hockey

    I’ve had some crazy swings +/-10 or more... hopefully it swings back for you.
  5. NJDevs '17-18 Fantasy Hockey

    I don’t like the trade as a GM (it’s fine as a trade); it’s too early to give up the season by tossing Stamkos out for a first rounder next season. Nico isn’t keeper eligible, so I figure that’s why he had to give up Ghost too...
  6. Week 12... Well isn't that nice? Week 12 we saw the Giants upset the Chiefs 12-9 in overtime... which really upset Big Blue and Picking teams from a hat... they're out. I didn't say Value in that group; so maybe he emerged victorio.... Nope; he's a no show. So Week 12 knocked everyone out. Yahoo doesn't have tie breakers; so coming in 1st is that trio. ....and as commish; I'll just break ties the fairest way possible. Whoever survived the longest without taking their strike. 1. VALUE (Weeks 6/11) 2. Picking teams From a Hat (Weeks 5/11) 3. Big Blue (Weeks 4/11) 4. New Jersey Swamps (Weeks 5/6) 5. The Champs Pick-o-the-week (Weeks 4/6) 6. Aylbert (Weeks 3/6) 7. Eaglejelly (Weeks 2/5) 8. Goodell's Advanced Gestapoism! (Weeks 3/4) 9. Jarek's Phenomenal Set (Weeks 2/3) But if Picking from a hat and Big Blue want bragging points; they can just point to their Yahoo 1st place trophy as my meandering words don't amount to much
  7. Week 10 same as Week 9... Lions, Lions and more Lions Big Blue, Picking from a Hat and Value Picks went with the Lions over the Browns, who won 38-24. on to week 11.
  8. NJDevs '17-18 Fantasy Hockey

    I wound up getting Darling after he was dropped. I need to manage them better, but I’m happy with my goaltending I’m not very happy with my defense, but I’ll be patient. Klefbom is struggling but seems to be finding himself. I’m happy I drafted Namestnikov over Gudas on accident, in a way. I wanted Namestnikov the next round hence why I was adding him to my queue when it switched to “draft”... but I think he might have made it back to me while I’d have a better defensemen. Giradi and DeAngelo are long off my team. I’m happy with McDavid; he will post stronger numbers; but he isn’t doing horrible now either. Im very happy with selecting Gaudreau (7g, 17a, 24p, +4) over Forsberg (9g, 8a, 17p, -1); even though I took some sh!t in chat at the time. Huberdeau I’m also very happy with; Horvat I’m still hoping for more. Shipachyov got shafted and in turn shafted me, but that’s the gamble on Russian hockey players. And Keller is looking like a terrific keeper candidate. Kane (6g, 11a, 17p, -3), Anderson (10 wins, 3.25gaa, .901sv%, 1sho), Niderrreiter (3g, 3a, 6p, +3), Green (1g, 13a, 14p, +4) McDavid (9g, 13a, 22p, +6), Radulov (6g, 11a, 17p, -3), Horvat (7g, 7a, 14p, +4), Namestinkov (9g, 10a, 19p, +8) So I won McDavid>Kane... which was the expected result. Anderson isn’t spectacular but posting wins... Radulov is decent here, but I’ll give a push here. Horvat is clearly outperforming Nino. and Green is a better value than Namestinkov - but both of us are happy with the value pulled there. Ultimately, as of now, I think I’m ahead in the trade. And again, not trede related... but I had the advantage with Gaudreau over Forsberg. I’m not sure if Njd4978 would have drafted someone else in the second if so traded that pick as originally it was slated. Still plenty of season to go though!
  9. NJDevs '17-18 Fantasy Hockey

    It’s worthwhile to examine rosters and make adjustments as we near the quarter poll; but still plenty of time for slumps to break, hot steaks to fizzle, and for free agents to emerge (although in this league it’s harder to find them given how deep we are) I’m enjoying the basement for now; I’m optimistic still though
  10. Week 9... when the Saints win, we win. Big Blue, Picking from a Hat and Value Picks went with the Saints over the Bucs, who won 30-10. So all three move on. Easy peasey. On to week 10.
  11. Sadly... I’m happy with Eli Manning this week... so sad.
  12. I don't believe we allow season-ending IRs to be picked up for keeping purposes? The issue I had with Manning was he wasn't IR'd; but clearly not returning. Colts seem to love doing that. Crasher is the commish though so he can weigh-in on that.
  13. Week 8... much like week 7. Big Blue went with the Vikings, who beat the Browns 33-16 Picking from a Hat went with the Eagles, who defeated the 49ers 33-10 And this time it was VALUE Picks who barely survived as the Bengals scraped by the Colts 24-23 On to week 9
  14. Week 7... after a few weeks of excitement, we settle down a bit while adding variety. Big Blue went with Cowboys, as Zeke went off and defeated the 49ers, 40-10. VALUE Picks went with the Vikings, who beat the Ravens 24-16. Picking from a Hat went with the Titans and barely survived as they needed OT to defeat the Browns, 12-9 On to week 8; 2 picks are already in; VALUE still needs to get a pick in.