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  1. I'll take my bracket so far. Especially since I have Nashville winning this round NSH over CHI in 6 games, --right, but they swept in 4. MIN over STL in 5 games, --ouch, Blues win in 5 ANA over CAL in 4 games, -- perfect. right, they swept. EDM over SJS in 6 games, -- perfect. right, in six NYR over MTL in 7 games, -- right, but in six OTT over BOS in 6 games, -- perfect. right, in six WAS over TOR in 5 games, -- right, but in six PIT over CBJ in 5 games -- perfect, right in five
  2. Agree 100% keeping the theme going. ha
  3. I'm in a better position this upcoming season than I was last season. I paid too much in my pre-draft deals last season (and again wound up in 4th in 2015/16). It sucks losing my 2017 6th rounder but the trade itself doesn't read too bad now. I gave up my 6th and 20th of next season for Zamboni's 10th and Hasan's 14th. (Renting Gaudreau and Kopitar, and flipping Gaudreau later)
  4. This is by far the worst year. I had optimism that this team would be a bubble team; with the right couple of bounces landing a wildcard spot. I expected Cory to have a better year, and for Hall to reach 80+pts this season. Instead he posted a .74 per game.
  5. 1) Congrats NJDevs4978 on defending your lead. At the trade deadline it certainly appeared to be shifting against you. 2) Ralliart90- To add to NJDevs4978 remarks; I liked the trade player for player. But giving up Scheifele for essentially a backup is going to hurt you. If you're giving up Scheifele for Price; you should be wanting to commit to Price every game you can. You gave up 23 games of Scheifele who posted 7g/19a/26pts +11, 4 power play points, 10 blocks, 2 GWG and 187 faceoff wins (since Feb 15) for those 8 games by Price. Price played 19 games since the traded, posting a 13-6 record, 1.72gaa, .937 and 1 SHO during that stretch. So to me, that's worth the trade. Picking 8 games out of those 19 though; I imagine less so. This is all after-the-fact... but if you're trading one of your top players for a goalie, you are betting on that goalie. Ride him until you are proven wrong. Draft wise; I like you snagging AO in front of Hasan... that's his boy and I'm sure you messed his game plan at the start. lol Picking a goalie high is always risky; I can't fault you with grabbing Crawford; but if I'm picking a goalie high, I would have snagged Price or Rinne ahead of him. Rinne performed almost identically to Crawford; so it's probably just personal preference. Price was coming off an injury so there was risk in that pick. 3rd round; I'd be happy drafting Phil Kessell there. You crushed the 4th round pick with Scheifele; who has been progressing nicely season over season. I'm not the biggest Okposo fan; especially changing teams this year. But again personal preference. I would have went D here considering it was top of the 5th, and you wouldn't be picking until late in the 6th... With you team through 4 rounds, I'd rather have Keith, Krug, Shattenkirk, Pietrangelo over Okposo... You made up for it by going D with your 6th (McDonagh), 8th (Campbell), 11th (Green)... but the dropoff was steep. Also, if you're drafting a goalie in the 2nd round like you did; I'm a big fan of waiting to pick up redemption projects, etc. I like grabbing Mason with your last pick. Good potential value for almost no cost. And he posted 26-21-8 2.66 .908% in the 20th round verse 32-18-4 2.55gaa .918% 2SHO in the 2nd round. There's the risk of picking of goalies. Star forwards, barring injury, don't miss like goalies do. You gave up Toews, Pacioretty, Wheeler, Forsberg or on D players like John Carlson of Dustin Byfuglien. But overall; a very solid effort for your first season. You'll hone in on your personal style and preferences.
  6. I'm actually really proud for my 4th, assuming that sticks... It would have been amazing snagging 3rd; but I'll happily take 4th with all the stud misses this season.
  7. Yea... trust me, I was watching him. I still make that trade both times. I typically draft really well. I was relatively happy with my draft (even after losing some high draft picks in pre-draft trades), and I'm relatively happy with my performance. I tried replacing Stamkos too late, and Kopitar and Gaudrea should have done it. Just bad luck, I'll take that.
  8. Meanwhile 5 of us are "fighting" for 4th place... as 4.5 points separates 4th-8th
  9. I figured this was coming; but saddened by it... passing of time.
  10. I'm getting close enough to potentially medal as EagleJelly takes a late stage -7pt digger tonight (as of now) and I trail by 6. But I don't see many easy points to climb, so I think I'm left in 4th-7th (All tight - 4.5pts difference) unless EagleJelly has another night like tonight. I could use some more SHO from Bob; although I can't complain with his 45 saves, 1 goal allowed games... I'm 44 wins / 2.13 / .924 / 6sho currently, leading the first 3 categories, and t-3 in SHO.
  11. My win this season is trying to finish in 4th.
  12. Hey; you already got 5 points out of Gaudreau in two games... And I was a cautious buyer early; that 10th you credit me as a seller was from when I was a buyer. I sold Vesey at peak value this season, gave up on RNH finally, and gave up my first keeper pick round 6... for Kopitar, Gaudreau and a 10th. I was able to flipped Gaudreau for a 14th later; but I wound up not being able to sell Kopitar to anyone else. The sellers market is very weak at the end of the season given then nature of roto leagues. The best I could hope for was an escalation between you and Red acquiring cheap assets. I don't think I change a thing about what I did this season besides dropping Tkachuck --- who at the time was listed ready to be sent to juniors. Next year I'll wait for confirmation before doing that. I also regret trading Bob/Zuccarello for Rinne knowing the results; but that's the story with goalies. Recovering Bobrovsky off waivers pretty much immediately takes the sting out a bit. I might wind up keeping him; or at least trading him for an asset pre-draft. And of course, as I sell I climbed from 11th to t-6th. If I didn't trade, I would be in 5th currently... But 4th was always going to be my ceiling as my team wasn't going to come together to crack into that top 3 this year. Losing Stamkos hurt a ton... Giroux mid season drop off hurt too... Taylor Hall didn't do much this year either. All of them I'd draft again, so I'm either stupid or a firm believer, perhaps both. Keepers this year will be interesting. I think I need to keep Suter for sure. I'm left deciding between Toffoli (prior keeper), Pearson, Aho, Reindhart... maybe Ellis and Bob. No value like Laine who I had a melt down with during the draft this year--- where I was autopicked Reindhart instead due to pc issues and a short clock; but I promise that's the last mention of that. But of those 4 forwards, I just know one of them will have a breakout year next year. So I likely will take my chances and choose two of them.
  13. Today is our trade deadline day.
  14. Pair of trades to announce. Sworn Defenders send Johnny Hockey and their 20th 2017 pick to New Jersey Swamps for Michael Cammalleri and their 14th round 2017 pick. Sworn Defenders send Brent Seabrook [keeper] and their 19th 2017 pick to Dynamo Nation for Zamboni Warriors 13th (previously acquired). Michael Stone dropped.
  15. I'm on the sellers block. Claude Giroux, Johhny Gaudreau, Anze Kopitar, Sergei Bobrovsky, Pekke Rinne; all this and more. Steven Stamkos should be back in March as well if you want to get some late season play with him.