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  1. I'm on the sellers block. Claude Giroux, Johhny Gaudreau, Anze Kopitar, Sergei Bobrovsky, Pekke Rinne; all this and more. Steven Stamkos should be back in March as well if you want to get some late season play with him.
  2. Mind boggling is checking your daily stats and seeing a -11 for one night posted. Way to go guys, great job on D
  3. I'm getting 45 points out of goaltender (14/13/14/4 ugh SHO). My huge problem this year is scoring. 5/7/7 for G/A/PTS. I'm typically upper echelon with that. Realistically; I need to pick up an extra 15-20 goals and 20 assists and I'll be back competing for top 5 at least... I did that trade last month for Johnny Gaudreau to address that; but it hasn't panned out. Kopitar has helped a touch; but I need Johnny Hockey to shape up quickly if I have any realistic shot of climbing. You know what the Sworn D needs? Steven Stamkos. So does Tampa.
  4. I wouldn't call Stefan a bust... I'd call the year a bust as it was said to be deep but turned out to be mediocre. That was the Sedin draft... the only other all stars were Nick Boynton and Martin Havlat. Barrett Jackman also had some longetivity.
  5. Sworn Defenders and Zamboni Warriors have reached a revised agreement. Sworn Defenders send Jimmy Vesey, Ryan Nugent Hopkins, and their 2017 6th round pick to Zamboni Warriors, in return they receive Anzei Kopitar, Johnny Gaudreau and their 2017 10th round pick. Futures for Present value trade... I hope it pays off. I likely can keep Suter and Seabrook another year, hopefully Toffoli steps it up after he shakes his injury. But I'm desperately missing Stamkos production, hopefully this helps.
  6. As we wait for that. My kicker should be added. Crasher locked rosters before the games were played so I couldn't even fix me leaving my only kicker on the bench. The one I had added for this game. that final is super close!
  7. So I forgot to swap in my kicker when I did my add/drop. Now add/drops are frozen. Can you put my kicker in; or open up the add/drops since there is still a game to be played?
  8. So we have an unspoken can't cut list on top of the can't cut list. Like dropping Pitta, Matthews, etc is fine to take flyers for next year. But I can't drop my RB who has burned me in a few ways because he might actually have a decent match-up in two weeks, and I need to keep two QBs. I always push the rules; I get that. That's the point of rules- to push them. But if you want me to take back 1 or 2 of them; let me know. I'll let you know who I'll drop in place.
  9. Unquestionably they have value... but so do the players I gained. I dont feel I should be forced to sit on talent that isnt on the cant cut list, because it will be of value to others. I do this every year, but ussually wait for finals week, not semi finals. This year my team was stronger and I have the depth to still compete this year while loading up on potential keepers (and maybe a trade asset if I want to give up Elliott etc) for next year
  10. The only questionable drop I had was Gurley... who can't be kept next season and has been wildly inconsistent because it's the Rams. He has long been off the can't cut list. I had no reason to keep a backup QB (and Andrew Luck is on the can't cut list; so Matt Ryan is out by default). I had no reason to keep a backup TE (I legitimately like Ertz over Pitta); and depending how JJ Nelson plays out; could actually wind up being my keeper. Ryan Matthews is always hit or miss... no loss there. Plus, I'm still a 15 point favorite over Red this week; with a respectable 108 points.
  11. Expensive. I had offered a high pick and a keeper asset in Tyler Toffoli previously and was shot down. Fine if there are better offers. But I'm not sure why he's waiting; as the value for McDavid drops daily in a roto league. It's not like there is a playoff to stack your roster for.
  12. I think it'll be quiet until we have sellers. My team is acting like it's missing it's first round pick or something. Stamkos was doing so good too with 20pts in 17games. In fact, he's missed 11 games already and is still my #2 scorer behind Giroux. Losing Taylor Hall the same night for a few weeks hurt too. We'll see if I can make it up.
  13. Gobble Gobble
  14. If we were doing a 12-man; start 2 of each position; I completely agree. I'm just saying if we're going really deep on forwards and d-men; why don't we go really deep on G?
  15. But I meant that's why I think we play too few goalies. We are playing bottom pairing d-men and 3rd/4th liners (and not just for hits/blocks); but we theoretically can each have a quality starting goaltender backed up by a bottom 15 starting goaltender. Some play a team's goalie tandem; etc... but it's definitely easier in this league to replace your goaltender than any other position from free agency. Starting two would impact the draft significantly I think. Since you are basically averaging 3 goalies (to get to 164 games played by a goaltender) rather than 1.5 goalies (82 games), the value of your "#1" goalie is decreased a bit since his impact on your team score is diminished. Meanwhile at the same time, the value of the mid tier goalies is increased since you need them to play more often. The net effect would be an increase to GAA and decrease in SV% across the board... unless you either 1) drafted both goalies high - sacrificing offense -similar to drafting D 2) got lucky with drafting one high and find a diamond in the rough later... but in general, it would reduce the impact a star goaltender has. It will still be significant; but more in line to what a star forward brings. Anyways; it's just a thought I wanted to talk out.