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  1. 2017 NJDevs Survival Football

    2 chumps... and the rest know winners (even if OT was needed). Let's start with Eaglejelly and Jerek forgetting to pick for week 2... that's an easy strike. Fortunately you have one more strike but you have lost your safety net. Outside of that, we had some variety this week with Big Blue, Swamps and Picking from a Hat going against the Jets wisely --- with the Raiders smacking them 45-20. Goodell went with the Cardinals who squeaked out over the Colts, 16-13 in OT. The Champs went gutsy with the Chiefs over the Eagles... and prevailed 27-20. Lastly, Aylbert went with the Ravens as they defeated the Browns 24-10. On to week 3... first chance for elimination. EagleJelly has a pick in; Jarek does not so far.
  2. NJDevs '17-18 Fantasy Hockey

    Lol... the Eichel panic
  3. And fittingly it was Perine who presented himself. Hopefully he doesn't fumble this opportunity too
  4. I was hoping Ertz would fall... but with Elliott out six weeks on paper (I was expecting a reduction to 3/4 weeks and hoping for none this season a la Brady) and Luck out something less than PUP... I needed a solid QB and RB depth I'm still hopeful that Tevin Coleman will get more involved... Perine was a reach and seemingly a bust... but that was my McFadden slot. So fitting I dropped Perine for an inactive McFadden. I'll hold him until something better comes up or a bye week need presents itself. Ultimately, I wasn't expecting as many back up TEs being fostered at the draft. I would still draft Luck and Big Ben. So I wasn't getting Ertz this year. I'm fine with that. But envious as I ride the risky play of Hooper weekly.
  5. Every week Ertz is looking better and better with Wentz. He should be a good play week in / week out. This was the best I felt about my draft in a long time; and the absolute worst draft grade. I wish I felt better about my TE. Instead, I used two high picks on QBs because of Luck. Hopefully he's worth the wait, and there was demonstrabable demand in that spot too; so I didn't "reach"
  6. True... but Demaryius Thomas was the 12th pick that year and I paired him with Peyton Manning. Mathews and Johnson were the 36/37 picks. Rodgers was the 14th, Ingram was 73 and Tate was 86... The trade for Rodgers was: 1) Aylbert acquires the 2nd (14-Aaron Rodgers), 8th (86-Golden Tate), 10th (110-Kelvin Benjamin) and 14th (158-Packers) round picks from devilsrule33 for his 3rd (25-Andre Ellington), 4th (48-Wes Welker), 10th (120-Riley Cooper) and 14th (168-Coby Fleener) round selections Ultimately everything worked out, but it was too risky to attempt again. I also really had no reason to draft Stafford other than worrying about Peyton's neck I guess.
  7. When you're middling average at best... and your best season was when you went RB-QB-QB-QB (JC-PManning-Rodgers-Stafford) to start the draft I did wind up trading Rodgers (with Mark Ingram and Golden Tate for Demaryius Thomas, Andre Johnson and Ryan Mathews.
  8. NJDevs '17-18 Fantasy Hockey

    Agreed. I prefer the deeper league
  9. 2017 NJDevs Survival Football

    That said, my current pick is the Ravens over the Browns because of precisely what you mentioned... too many people on Oakland this week.
  10. 2017 NJDevs Survival Football

    9 Teams in so far; still another week to join I think; but you'll be in true survival mode without the second strike safeguard. All 9 teams survived week 1... Aylbert, EagleJelly, Jarek, Picking from a Hat went with Buffalo as they beat the lowly Jets 21-12 (although the Jets did cover the spread; which might have been painful if we played it that way) Big Blue and Goodell went with the Steelers, who defeated the Browns by 3, 21-18 Swamps and Champs Pick-o-the-week went with the Falcons, who defeated the Bears 23-17 And siting alone but still pretty, VALUE went with the Rams who smacked the Luckless Colts, 46-9. On to Week 2.
  11. NJDevs '17-18 Fantasy Hockey

    I wish we could bank time on the picks; there are plenty of picks I need like 10 seconds or less for; but certain picks where 60 seconds is tough; especially with the last 10 seconds kinda being rushed since you need to get the pick in or face autodraft, etc.
  12. I'll take my two receptions for 128 yards and a TD... super lucky break.
  13. 2017 NJDevs Survival Football

    Running out of time to join with both strikes. Can still get in for the night games or use the Monday game
  14. This is year 3 with Gurley... I'm hoping for a return to rookie form obviously. and it was an old laptop anyway. It deserved to be punched through. Ha
  15. Devils marketing to other teams' fans?

    To help out the author; the actual source was on reddit... the twitter guy was citing this: