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  1. Not to read *too* much into Nolan Patrick; but I'm beginning to believe more that he and the Devils were not a good fit relationship wise. But; Patrick was clearly disappointed not to be the 1OA.
  2. And who fed him that 'great pass' Nikita Popugayev - our 4th round pick.
  3. I assume some kid named Gretzky was the consensus #1 pick... but of course, we got screwed there too (like the 84 draft where the Pens tanked and we missed him by 3 points). Rob Rammage was the #2 prospect according to the Hockey News from 1979 for those born in 1959--- so I don't think it was a reach: http://www.hockeydraftcentral.com/1979/79001.html
  4. I don't think it's a mistake to select Makar if that's who we think is best... but I think it's a mistake wasting the pick value if we could trade down to 3-5 and get additional assets + Makar. I believe that's the argument most people agree with. Debating the merit of the pick is a different story.
  5. Somewhere Rob Ramage is flipping you off... Devils history; yes.
  6. Odd... I read it as:
  7. Wait. Are we petitioning to replace New Jersey's new jersey with the one it's replacing... which we grumbled about, or the one before that? Or before that? I'm now lost in jersey inception.
  8. I've been wanting Patrick... I'll stick with him. Although everyone jumping ship to Nico scares me... the worst part is that if we pick wrong, the Flyers benefit, and we will be reminded of that constantly. But gun to head, I pick Nolan Patrick. Injuries be damned.
  9. Congrats to Arne! The only one predicting a repeat too.
  10. I remember being a freshman in my dorm in Philly. Needless to say, I didn't have much company in celebrating. for the most part, I feel the Devils franchise has aged our cups appropriately compared to the Rangers and 1994... I wish we could have pulled that Cinderella season off in 2012
  11. The "never" the Rangers unless we pillage them is really short sighted. We are in a rebuild and not a retooling. I know it's fun to think it's still early 2000s and this roster just churns on... but it's not, and it hasn't. If we make the playoffs next year, it will be as a Cinderella team. Play the odds and trade Kovy for the best return... intra-division or not.
  12. Ebay wise... she has two listings currently... A signed Brodeur CCM retro replica jersey she received from a former Devil for her to benefit the family of her late brother. Proceeds are going to her niece's college fund (as she graduates HS soon) http://www.ebay.com/itm/Martin-Brodeur-SIGNED-Retro-Red-Green-Home-NJ-Devils-Jersey-Size-XL-CCM-NWT/222525311920 And a signed Taylor Hall bobble head, with proceeds going to West Orange Trap Neuter Vaccinate Return http://www.ebay.com/itm/Taylor-Hall-NJ-Devils-SIGNED-Bobblehead/222523093530
  13. Do you know what handle she sells under?
  14. That's great news... I was not a fan of her at all. I agree she grew into the role a bit; but I think that's mixed with a healthy dose of growing to accept it as the new norm.
  15. I was going to look great, mediocre or bad depending on last night. I got both matchups wrong last night in the game 7s... boo. Arne wins this if the Penguins win.