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  1. Yeah!!!
  2. That was a great goal. About time!
  3. Sorry to hear that. LGD!
  4. This changes everything
  5. We've got lgd chants in here as loud as the avs fans have been all night!
  6. There are a lot of devils fans here. It's real good to see.
  7. Devs will be fine. Great looking pk. Just gotta get a few more chances on offense.
  8. I'll be there tonight cheering the devils on. If you see a group of 6 crazy people in devils gear in row 5, That's us!
  9. This is so great! I'm so glad we picked him back up. Low risk/high potential reward.
  10. LGD! Lets keep this great start alive!
  11. This has to be the first finals team in history where all I want is our 4th line to be out there as much as possible.
  12. Thank you so much for that, I was thinking the same thing
  13. Moments like these are why we love sports. Lets go devils!
  14. LGD! Can't wait to be there on saturday!
  15. I agree completely. It's costing me way too much to get out there and go, but I couldn't not go. This is why we love sports, for these moments.