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  1. Gotta keep wearing my Kovy jersey. Had the entire team, Lou, Doc and Chico sign the front logo....and Kovy on the "1" in "17" on the back. My memories of Kovy are good ones....and was as relieved as he was when he finally scored that first goal as a NJD (remember the train wreck he was when he first got here....that shootout blunder was epic). I wouldn't mind seeing him back in NJ, but realistically know he's more of a puzzle piece of a contender at this point than an answer to the Devils' issues. I'm liking him with Minnesota and think he'd impact them them most positively. Then again... I don't want to see Parise win a Cup, more for personal reasons after he said out of his car window after he cleared out his locker at the Rock that "I'll be back, don't worry". Forker.
  2. F'n rumors.. never mind. **^#^(*#_
  3. Looks like the plan is now to try and outscore our opponents instead of letting them outscore us by only a little. Liked Larsson. Love Hall. The Pens and Hawks have proventhat speed kills and we just got a whole lot faster. We drafted speed too. Let's do this!
  4. That's the game where as a lifelong fan of Martin Brodeur I remember thinking in that first period, Patrick Roy is the best goalie in the world. First period, 5 rows from the ice and right behind Patrick Roy I watched that man simply refuse to allow a goal (can't remember the early shots on goal in game 6, but it was an absolute Devils onslaught) and weathered the storm until his team could finally grab a break. They did...and Marty didn't do what Roy was able to. Still the most disappointing Devils' game I've ever been to (and number 2 would have to be the Canes game where the Devils blew the lead with 1:20 left. That game left me physically ill and I still cheer every time Staal gets hit. Great. I had to remember that... I need a drink.
  5. Just love this team.....dayam the effort is fantastic...
  6. I use it quite frequently while shopping at farmer's market. "What can I get for you?".... "A plum". Not sure what the big deal is here...
  7. I'd rather have Don McLean.
  8. Really miss the 1940 chants.....they were priceless (and glad the "nineteen never" rebuttal is moot).
  9. Count me as a huge Chico fan. Watching a game with him announcing is like watching a game with a friend over a beer and just rattling on about hockey stuff. Chico never cared about being a broadcaster first. His first love was--and is--hockey, and he took delight in sharing the human element within the locker room and on the ice. In today's egotistical world of "me me me", I found him quite refreshing…and I'm going to miss the hell out of him. Thanks for making hockey fun, and for at the very least making the "bad" times bearable.
  10. Hey, the "you suck" chant is all on the shoulders of the opposing team. Shut out NJ and you won't have to hear it. Blame the prolific NJ offense for making this an issue.
  11. Yep. But everyone kept singing after the song ended and people definitely enjoyed it. I think people would definitely get into it based on the impromptu response last night. Just another idea..
  12. FWIW..last night they played the Beastie Boys "You Gotta Fight" during an extended timeout and the place was rocking with it--people singing along even after it stopped. Not sure what licks to use, but that's something that was spontaneous that could have legs.
  13. Win tonight and all is right with the world! LGD!
  14. Torts and Roy out west. Worth staying up for!
  15. Czechs Cashing Checks.