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  1. My goodness, Wilma goes yard again!
  2. Yeah, this is really a game the Mets need to win - deGrom against Nicolino is a massive mismatch in our favor. Flores homers again. Stay hot, Wilma. This is somewhat surprising to me, but entering today, Flores is hitting a cool .302/.355/.469 since June 1st.
  3. It'll be interesting to see Lucroy's suitors. The Red Sox might make the most sense of all contenders but they may choose to prioritize pitching since their rotation is a mess. I could see the Rangers having interest. Nice to see the Mets make a shocking run here after the National Disaster. Final 6 games before the break are still really big. The nostalgic side of me is giddy to see Reyes make his return. Will be interesting to see how they fit him in, especially with Flores on fire all of a sudden.
  4. I think Walker has been fine and he's literally on the same pace as last season. 2015: 603 PA, .269/.328/.427, 108 wRC+, +2.4 WAR 2016: 283 PA, .258/.322/.445, 108 wRC+, +1.2 WAR (which prorates to +2.4 WAR over 600 PA) The only exception is that almost all of his extra-basehits are homeruns, but the extreme lack of doubles has canceled out any positive effect from the bump in balls going over the fence. To put the doubles thing perspective - Walker has hit 6 doubles this season, which is the same amount James Loney has since coming to the Mets. It probably has something to do with the fact he's hitting 47.2% of his balls in play in the air versus 36.8% last season. But anyway, that change in approach aside, he's been solid. The fact Murphy has been Ruthian is what I think makes people have a poor taste in their mouths with Walker.
  5. Some brief thoughts. Reyes' Return: As I said last week, I didn't like the idea of bringing him back but at least they are making him move instead of forcing others to accommodate him. I'm not sure how Reyes will fare in the field, but Flores is a career below average hitter who offers zero baserunning and defensive value, so the bar isn't high to clear there. I think he'll be an upgrade. Upcoming Schedule: This is the Mets' schedule leading up to the All-Star break - 3 games @ Nationals, 4 games vs Cubs, 3 games vs Marlins, 4 games vs Nationals. 11 of those 14 games are at home, fortunately, but man, that's a brutal stretch. The Nats have been pretty bad of late and just DL'd Strasburg which has helped the Mets get within 3 games despite mediocre play on their own part, but the Mets are only a couple of win percentage points ahead of the Marlins, who own the 2nd wild card spot, while the Dodgers and Cardinals are right on their heels. I know I'm pointing out the obvious here, but this upcoming stretch is, like, kind of a big deal. The Mets may enter the All-Star break neck and neck with the Nats or find themselves a handful of games behind the 2nd wild card spot. Conforto's Demotion: Conforto was hitting .148/.217/.303 since May 1st and I think it was the right call to send him down. I'm not very high on Nimmo as you know, so I don't have great expectations there. Hopefully Conforto gains some confidence back in the PCL and is ready to come back within short order.
  6. Agreed. The defensive metrics seem to routinely hate him, but he easily passes the eye test of a good fielder. He's incredibly slick. sh!tty news about Thor... hopefully it's nothing serious or else this season is pretty easily over.
  7. Can't believe the Mets pulled that out last night. Superb job by Robles; he was above and beyond what anyone could've hoped for coming into the game like that and throwing that many pitches... speaking of which, holy crap TC is a moron for leaving him in that long.
  8. Reyes is intriguing in the sense he'd cost almost literally nothing but the fit is very tricky. You'd have to ask someone like Cabrera or Walker to shift to 3B, which sounds more plausible when brainstorming these fun ideas than it is in reality. Also, if the Mets wanted to go down that path, they may be better off with just calling up Herrera; they'd avoid the drama part and it's easy to forget Reyes is 33 years old who had just a .688 OPS last season despite playing in two of the best hitters parks in baseball. Dave Cameron of Fangraphs put up an article today about how Danny Valencia is a perfect fit for the Mets and I'm in full agreement. He's quietly hit .296/.353/.523 with 25 HR over the past 365 days, which is way above his standards and suggests he's made some kind of positive adjustment. He wouldn't maintain that level of play obviously, but he's still graded out as an above average hitter for his career (104 wRC+), so there is some floor safety there. He's pretty versatile with MLB exposure at all corner spots (LF/RF, 3B/1B). He's dirt cheap salary wise ($3.2M) and even comes with another year of team control for 2017. Dave suggested it would cost someone like Brandon Nimmo, which I would probably do since I think Nimmo is more of a 4th OF type or very fringe-y starter. Recent Cuban defect Yulieski Gourriel is also intriguing. He'd "only" cost money (which wouldn't count against our IFA cap) and it doesn't sound like he'll be getting a long deal given his age. Ben Badler of Baseball America has given him some very high praise in the past, including ranking him as Cuba's #1 prospect in April 2015.
  9. Harvey averaged 95+ again, per PFX; first time he's done that in back-to-back starts this year. Prior to these last two games, he averaged 95 or better in just three starts out of ten.
  10. Yeah, I could see them wanting to take a flier on Montero. Or maybe Gilmartin. I don't think Ynoa is enough, maybe if you throw in Goeddel.
  11. I doubt Escobar would cost much; despite having a solid season with Washington last season he was dealt for only a 29 year old career minor leaguer and a reliever who isn't even in the Nats' bullpen this year. The Nats even threw in some cash ($1.5M) in that deal. Not sure if it's the reputation or skillset, or both, but teams don't seem to value him very much. I'd be interested.
  12. There's still plenty of skepticism over Fulmer and whether he's a reliever long-term due to his arsenal vs LHB and past health issues. He has been terrific so far but he's not exactly destroying lefties: 18.2 IP, 5 BB, 1 HBP, 11 K. His good games have also come versus mostly weak competition: Minnesota (AL wRC+ rank: 14th), Oakland (12th), Tampa Bay (4th), and LA (7th). Tampa Bay has hit well overall, but they do most of their damage vs LHP (2nd in AL wRC+ vs LHP but 10th vs RHP).
  13. With Wright, Duda, and tDA all down and out, and Cespedes getting a breather, this lineup might be one of the worst in MLB. Walker and Conforto are the only hitters with an OPS above .800 and one of those two is in an ugly 1-month slump.
  14. Not following, but goodness, White Sox pitchers have walked 7 in 6 innings and the Mets have only been able to muster 1 run?! Ugh.
  15. Robles is going to be one of those real mercurial types where you don't know what you're going to get outing to outing. He can miss bats really well but his control isn't that great and he's prone to flyballs (and thus homeruns). Which, in other words, means he's the kind of guy who can come into a bases loaded jam with nobody out and strike everyone out.... or he can walk in a run and then give up the grand slam.