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  1. New York Mets 2016 Season Thread

    The Phils don't bother me at all. CR already covered it, but the underlying numbers don't support their record. They're playing more like an 11-16 team but instead sit at 16-11 thanks to fortunate timing of events. No team in baseball has outperformed their run differential as much as the Phils have so far. There's definitely some decent young talent there, and their front office finally appears to be in the right hands after years of Rubin Amaro's nonsense, so maybe their long road back to relevance will be shorter than initially anticipated. But it's not going to be in 2016.
  2. New York Mets 2016 Season Thread

    Which would be fine; among MLB 3B with at least 400 PA last season, only nine had an OPS equal to or greater than .800 and only five did the year prior.
  3. New York Mets 2016 Season Thread

    Re: Wright - Obviously the strikeouts will need to come down -- Wright has always been a high BABIP hitter, which makes his strikeouts more palatable than your average guy -- but he's not going to sustain his current rate of .391. I also have some doubts that he'll maintain a .200+ ISO. But for a month plus into the season, you have to be pleased with his overall numbers (his OPS sits in the top third of MLB at his position) especially given the preseason expectations. The Nats have definitely gotten some breaks, re: their pitching. Their ERA-FIP differential is 2nd highest in MLB, meaning they've outperformed their FIP more than every team in baseball besides the Rangers. Their ERA-xFIP differential is even wider (by 1.32 runs). Strasburg has been fantastic but guys like Gio Gonzalez, Tanner Roark and Joe Ross -- who is rocking a 0.79 ERA despite a 5.56 K/9 -- are due for some regression.
  4. NFL Off Season 2016 - Coaches, Caps, and Combines OH MY!

    Brian Hoyer ended up signing with the Bears to backup Cutler. Kind of surprised he couldn't find a gig with more playing time potential elsewhere, but following the fallout of the draft, I guess there just wasn't much out there. Would be stunned if Fitzpatrick isn't a Jet at this point.
  5. New York Mets 2016 Season Thread

    Not sure if it's been mentioned here but Michael Fulmer, who was dealt to Detroit for Cespedes last July, is making his MLB debut tonight vs the Twins.
  6. 2016 Miami Dolphins thread

    I'd be mildly surprised if the Phins didn't trade up for Elliot, but if the Chargers surprise by taking Ramsey, I bet he's a Cowboy.
  7. New York Mets 2016 Season Thread

    Just to highlight how bad the Braves have been - they've hit a total of 4 homeruns this season.... 4!!That's obviously the lowest total in baseball; the next lowest is the Marlins at 13, more than 3 times the Braves' amount of dingers.They have a team slash line of .224/.297/.282, which is like the equivalent of a lineup full of Brendan Ryans (or worse). Their team ERA is over 5 and ranks 4th worst in baseball.Yikes.
  8. New York Mets 2016 Season Thread

    I don't know about .500, but yeah, I think there is a clear gap between the Phillies and Braves (I didn't think there would be one, initially). JP Crawford, one of the top prospects in baseball,willcome up at some point this year too and make Philly better.Odubel Herrera was a heck of a Rule V find for them. Very nice run for the Mets after the poor start. Harvey's average velocity has ticked up ever so slightly in each of his last two starts where he's whiffed 12 batters and walked just 2 over 11 innings. Not exactly facing much competition with the Braves and Reds --who rank 30th and 28th in park/league-adjusted offense, respectively (and frankly, saying the Braves rank 30th isn't even doing justice to how HORRIBLE they've been at the plate)-- but I'll take any kind of silver linings I can out of Matt right now.
  9. New York Mets 2016 Season Thread

    I'm not so concerned about d'Arnaud's bat than his health. If he plays, I thinkhe'll hit (he's played a whopping13 games this season so I don't care what his numbers are right now). But the problem is if he has to miss extended time, the Mets are going to be ugly behind the plate. Plawecki is lucky to even be up here as a backup - forget it as a starter. Lucroy worries me a little bit, but I'd cautiously say they'd have to pursue him if d'Arnaud had to have something severe done, like shoulder surgery.But as it stands now, with little dings andsome DL stints here and there, I'm afraid they'll have to hodge-podge their way with Plawecki and some no name likeRene Rivera.... which is why it would've been a good idea to add a better backup catcher in the offseason instead of forgetting about it untilspring training.
  10. New York Mets 2016 Season Thread

    Yep, there was clearly something wrong there for the Mets to back off on that deal. Gomez has been nothing short of horrible since then. If that deal was consummated, the Mets almost certainly don't make the playoffs last season nor would have goododds this season. Speaking of which, Cespedes is out of the lineup again tonight - De Aza in CF.
  11. New York Mets 2016 Season Thread

    re: Ynoa - even that FIP is deflated because he's given up no homeruns; that'll change soon given the environment and the fact he's not a big groundball pitcher. Gsellman is at a lower level obviously but the uptick in velocity (again, if sustainable and not just a 1-start fluke), strikeouts, and the groundball rate (nearly 70%) are all really positive signs. Rosario is another really young-for-his-league guy. The Mets pushed him aggressively going from Brooklyn in 2014 to high-A in 2015 at just 19 years old. That's usually the path of advanced college hitters drafted in the early rounds. I'm actually a bit surprised they didn't send him to AA to begin this season, but there was certainly no harm in sending him back to St. Lucie.
  12. New York Mets 2016 Season Thread

    I've personally never been a big fan either, but tobe fair,he was ranked as our 3rd best prospect byMLB.com and 4th best by Baseball America andwas quite good in AA last season asone of the youngest players in the league (and is now one of the youngest in the PCL). Despite theerrors, the scouting reports make it appear as if he has enough defensive tools (good hands, above average arm) to stick at SS. The knock on him is, and has always been, that he lacks a "plus" tool and is more of a low-ceiling/high-floor prospect. I think he's more of a 2nd division starter type up the middle, but there's a good chance there is some kind ofMLB player there.
  13. New York Mets 2016 Season Thread

    Didn't get to see much this weekend, but happy to see them take care of the Braves. If there is a team in the league you should be counting on sweeping, it would be them (and/or the Phillies). I haven't ready any followup after his first start, butGsellman was showing more velocity, which could explain the (much-needed) uptick in strikeouts. I don't think he'll be long for AA at this pace. Not impressed with Ynoa in AAA so far. The roof is going to cave in there very soon. You can add Cecchini to the list of AAA prospects that isn't hitting at all, too.
  14. NFL Off Season 2016 - Coaches, Caps, and Combines OH MY!

    At least with the Rams, if you squint hard enough, it may be a teeny bitdefensible, moving to a new city and having like the worst QB situation in the league. The Eagles, not so much. Titans and Browns coming away MASSIVEwinners in this. Good for them.
  15. New York Mets 2016 Season Thread

    I don't remember that story, re: Walker's father, but pretty creepy indeed. Shockingly, 3 of Walker's homers this season have come vs LHP.Prior to this season, he had 6 (!) against LHP for his entire career.