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    Hmmm, well hockey of course. Lacrosse and music rank as a close second though.
  1. Wedgewood makes Team Canada WJC

    Final Team Canada Roster WJC TSN just released the final cuts for team Canada's WJC entry and it looks like Wedgewood will be one of the two goalies on the team He'll likely be the backup to returning Mark Visentin, but should still see some action. It will be nice to see one of our goalie prospects on this big stage.
  2. MacLean believes his way will lead to more success

    The part where he says that he's not afraid to put a young player in the lineup as longe as he competes, I like that. I'll belive it when I see a Rolston in the pressbox if a young guy is out performing him though.
  3. Mark Fraser vows to be 'mean, physical defenseman'

    Totally agree with this. Of any of the young D-man, I would actually say it's Corrente who has the Scott Stevens, hit you until you stop moving, mentality.
  4. Mark Fraser vows to be 'mean, physical defenseman'

    Hopefully he means it, I think this is one of the things last year's team was missing. A defenceman that put a little fear into opposing forwards heads. If Fraser can play like he says he wants to, plus Volchenkov...should make the area in front of Marty a little less friendly for other teams.
  5. Mark Fraser gets 1 year deal

    It's a good signing, league minimum so it's a small cap hit for us and he can fill the 6th or 7th spot. Basically you're going to have one of the rookies make the team also (Corrente, Taormina, or Eckford) and one of White or salvador gone. I still think that Urbom needs some time in the AHL. Main reason I think this is because of the memorial cup, when Brandon was playing London, Urbom was rarely on the ice when Hall was. So, if he wasn't ready to play against the most NHL-ready player in that tournament, why would he be able to play in the NHL this year? Just a thought.
  6. L.A. Out of Kovalchuck Sweepstakes

    Just to clarify, the rumor by LA blogger was Simmonds, a 1st round pick and a prospect for Carter and Gagne (KOVY not involved). With the cap space generated by the trade, Philly would sign Kovy as a free agent. I'm trying to remeber where I read that Lou offered Kovy 2 yrs @ 6 Mil per. It might have been Dreger's twitter feed. But if that is the case then I'm all for it. The contract would run parallel with Marty's and the cost isn't too high. Kovy would be a UFA again at 29. Anything more than 7 mil and I would rather Lou worked on a trade instead for puck moving D-man and some secondary scoring.
  7. L.A. Out of Kovalchuck Sweepstakes

    There was a wild rumor out there that had the Kings trading Simmonds and a 1st rounder to Philly for Gagne and Carter and then the Flyers would have the cap space to sign Kovy. Again Just a rumor, I think it was a blogger from LA who was listing off 10 theories on what the Kings would do now.
  8. Pandolfo & Peters on waivers

    I thought an injured player can't be put on waivers? Or is that only for buyout purposes?
  9. Doomsday Scenario

    And Corrente almost made the team 3 years ago in camp but has only played 10(?) NHL games so far. I'm just saying that I think it's far-fetched to expect him in the lineup. And I'm pointing out that it's Devils history to not rush D-man to the NHL, I wasn't comparing teams or Urbom to Niedermayer...Lou ran the team then and he runs the team now.
  10. Doomsday Scenario

    Just curious, for those that have Urbom in their lineup, when was the last time a Devils D-man went straight to the Devils lineup from junior? Niedermayer? If that's the case then I would expect Urbom to be in Utica.
  11. Doomsday Scenario

    I had read that SJ only offered him a 1 yr deal where he was looking for 2-3 yrs. Just think he would be a good fit for the team. It would be nice to have someone who wins > 60% of faceoffs.
  12. Doomsday Scenario

    If Kovy and Martin both leave, I don't think it's as big of a deal as some people think. Might be nice to change the makeup a little bit. If they leave I'd like to see Lou go after Michalek and/or Foster, just to get some defensive depth. I'd also like to see the team sign Malholtra. He's great at faceoffs, pk, and can chip in a little offense (33 points last year) and I think he'd be cheap (750k). Have him as a 4th line center who can be moved up if Josefson or Henrique can't cut it.
  13. World Junior Championships U20 Thread 2010

    I believe the Swedish team has a pre-requisite that a player cannot be playing in North America to be eligible to play in the under 20 tournament. This was put in place so that less players would come over and play junior hockey in NA, and would stay in Sweden longer. Since Urbom chose to play in Brandon, he was not invited to be on the team. With the injury, Sweden relented and asked Urbom who declined because he didn't agree with the idea that he wasn't on the original roster.
  14. Janne Ojanen

    I remember thinking that Jarrod Skalde was going to be the next big thing...I was wrong.
  15. Fire and Ice Blog Question

    Great, I'm being punished for living in Canada. Thanks for the info