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  1. whatever floats there boat i guess right?
  2. i think its cause people dont consider goalies as actual players cause they "stand in the net" as im told by people but they are the backbone of a team with out brodeur, luongo and lundquvist teams wouldnt get as far as they do. goalies deserve alot more credit then they get, if they see 30 shots a game or 5 they are the last line of defense. my opinion they deserve more money
  3. and not for nothing from what i have heard the new jerseys are going to cost a whole lot more the the old ones did.
  4. good luck scotty
  5. well good luck to kevin welcome to the team and to clemmer RD and I will miss you good luck where ever you go .
  6. my favorite devil(s) langenbrunner, madden, clemmensen, dowd, and rupp
  7. i have a langenbrunner stick can i be the keeper of that? the best stick i have ever used ever wish the devs had a draft party so i could have gotten another one
  8. 1. im sure my girl could defend herself even in her absence she'd find a way 2. she is kinda short isnt she? 3. she could probably kick all our butts till the next coming tuesday she beats me every weekend. lol jk hunny i love u 4. no prob anything for devilish. lol 5. she owns me 6. she and punkrock own stock in me when im playing net. 7. i love her to death so she belongs to me :-) 8. anyone ever needs a goalie let us know.