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  1. Devils 11/12 line combos

    Not true and Larsson may prove to be readyYes I am an Erie HOMER I played here and chose to make my home here ... Any time you would like to debate the merits of Erie Hockey through the years let me know - I'm sure you know less about that then NHL Hockey some advise: stop posting 20,000 times and actually watch a game get on the ice yourself you might eventually start to understand the game..
  2. Devils 11/12 line combos

    his line up could be one of the worst I've seen > Palmieri doesn't make the team despite being the most effective young forward we had last year - in his 43 games he was 4th on the team in goal scoring had the best +/- one of the best corsi ratings and played for a coach that has never been fond of rookies playing top 6 minutes and loves to juggle the lineup YOU DO know its harder to play on the first line than the 3rd or 4th for a rookie ( if you never played hockey maybe you don't know this) Not to mention they won with him playing a top 6 role Teddy scored 1 goal in his last 27 games of the season so now he gets top 6 minutes ???????? I love Teddy but lets see him dominate in the bottom 6 like a Skinner did last year before we move him to a tougher role Henrique 13 minutes in the NHL hardly qualifies him for 3rd line duty Who breaks up Zubrus and Patrick after the second half season results No Salvador or Larsen
  3. Nick Palmieri

    Now that the Otters are done for the year losing to Windsor last night, I was checking some of the Devil's prospect stats Triumph - pretty amazing prediction made last year for Palmieri's production as a first year Pro what amazes me is he seems, from score sheets, to be getting great first year numbers playing on the 3rd and 4th lines I plan on catching a few games on line but can any Lowell fans bring me up to date......... By the way watched Adam Henrique play vs, Otters - the Devils got another great pick the kid can play
  4. Nick Palmieri

  5. Nick Palmieri

    Just read this on OHL Blog - rates Palmieri and other Americans in the OHL- interesting read and supports what I said above http://ohlprospects.blogspot.com/2009/04/s...an-players.html
  6. Nick Palmieri

    I am an Erie Fan as well as Devil Fan when Palmieri got drafted to the Devils and then signed I was stoked to say the least - IMO Nick got a raw deal from the Otters owner Sherry Bassien as Nick apparently asked for a trade in May of the year before to a contender after being in Erie for 3 years w/o playing in the playoffs, Bass agreed he would work on but word is had no intention of trading him - Palmieri's agent got involved in September and it became a mess. I can tell you he came back and played great in Erie till his trade in late November. I have watched Erie play with all the great forwards coming and going Boyes,Connolly,Pecker and yes even Rupp ( who was not so great in Erie) - Palmieri when he is at his best is as good or better than all of them. You list the playoffs this year as his best game but as an Otter fan he had dominating games against the best teams in the west beating Kitchener last year when they were #1 in the CHL I think he had 5 or 6 points - Windsor this year and last when they came to Erie - he seemed to always score the big goal or shootout goal to win games Is Nick great every game - no - I think he is inconsistent at times but isn't that true about most young players. We have a boat load in Erie that are great one game and disappear the next. Would I take him back in Erie - In a Heartbeat - the kid plays big in big games and has shown it throughout his OHL career - and I for one would not bet against him in New Jersey - I think he will mature as he plays for a good organization and is mentored in NJ. Lets face it 6'3" 220 lbs forwards who can skate shoot and play don't grow on trees - we could use one right now !!!!!!! Go Devils lets finish Canes..
  7. Blake Wheeler Visits Devils & Rangers

    I don't see all the excitement over Wheeler - I have seen him play twice - first time played well second game was invisible - Has never had a season with over 18 goals in 44 games or more than 20 assists - Tyler Burton from Colgate who had an ATO in Lowell has better career numbers
  8. Future Considerations

    If you don't think Nick Palmieri is a special player than you have not seen him play - I have watched him in Erie for 3 years and will tell you on any other team he would have twice the points - he is the key focus everytime he steps on the ice and draws every teams focus and still manages to put up points While he was out with Mono - Erie went 0-16 - he had the game winning goal in OT to end the streak - He in my opinion he has to play well for Erie to have a chance to win I have seen some great players come through Erie Boyes, Conolly, pecker, colliocgo and others - I will tell you Nick ranks up there with the best and has no real help on this team as in the past - Erie is awful At 6'3" and 215 lbs he can skate score hit and will drop the gloves, when is the last time the Devils signed a player just drafted out of training camp - they didn't even sign Matt Corente until the following June. I would certainly think they expect him to play in NJ since they seem to have given him the same contract the gave Corrente and Bergfors http://www.nhlscap.com/capnumbers/newjersey.htm
  9. Matt and Nick are both excellent players, I have watched them play for 3 years in Erie and Kitchner. But consider Matt is on a loaded team where even with him and Spauling gone the Rangers don't miss a beat. Palmieri is on a rebuilding Otters team with no depth. He plays on both PK and PP and the first line and has to play 25 minutes plus a game, without him the Otters lost 13 games in a row and Torquoto had 5 points in 13 games since he's been back Zac T is on an 11 game scoring streak and has found his game and most importantly Erie is starting to win again. Nick has only played 18 games ( OHL site is wrong) and his avg. a point agame with 14 goals and 3 game winners.This is combined with the fact that he just returned from Mono and Tonsilitus in the middle of November. As an Erie Fan and a Nick Palmieri fan I think his performance has been nothing short of amazing.