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  1. Brylin?
  2. Malamud's tweets are usually BS
  3. Watch Boucher become solid NHLer now
  4. I thought Stempniak last season was an important piece of staying in the race for much longer than this year - maybe trading Shlemko for draft picks instead and giving Stemp 1-2 year extension would have been better
  5. 1997 team was fully-stacked to win the whole thing after the Gilmour trade. No way Flyers represent the East that year if they had to go through the Devils. Just a combination of things went against them: 1) Andreychuk injury last game of the season 2) unfortunate second round matchup in that Rangers were matched very well against them though they were a few minutes away from playing seventh-seeded Ottawa by virtue of Ottawa almost winning the series vs Buffalo 3) just refusal of Lemaire to play young guys like Elias for likes of Zezel (RIP) and some goons because the whole team Lemaire included was completely mentally taken to the cleaners by Rangers
  6. Last offseason by all accounts Devils went after Radulov and Vesey, don't forget there are other 30 teams that want to improve
  7. In 2012-2013 up until July '13, Lou was in "retooling" mode. The team was being built around Kovalchuk and the idea that making playoffs where anything can happen based on 2012 was very much within reach. All the moves made clearly support this strategy 1) Keeping the 29th pick - if you plan on making the playoffs you project your pick next year to be say 20th-25th, not much difference. Yet, who knows maybe you can get super lucky with 29th for that pick to contribute soon enough 2) Trading basically Bo Horvat for Schneider. It took Horvat till 2016-17 to really make a name for himself, meanwhile Schneider could have been the difference in 2012-13 between making and not making the playoffs so why not get him ahead of 2013-2014 3) Signing players Ryder and Clowe no rebuilding team would do that Now the second Kovalchuk leaves - most of these moves don't make sense anymore (except maybe Schneider) but too late now - it becomes a scramble to patch up a competitive roster almost works for 2013-14 season but wheels fall off next year.
  8. On paper our roster should have been better than last year - we are (were) all in agreement that Shero made moves that improve the team yet here we are last in the East
  9. Coaches are important - you see Boudreau getting absolutely the same Minnesota team as last year fighting for 1st in the Western Conference as opposed to Mike Yeo having them being completely mediocre during his tenure.
  10. About 1 NHL player per draft is not too bad given that Lou gave up a lot of picks 2010-12. At the end of the day most good teams have at least two truly elite players and if you draft well you can surround them with good complimentary players (outside of picking first two and getting McDavids of the world). You add Henrique into 2011-12 lineup and you get much more out of him than having him be the go-to guy.
  11. What's our record with Merrill, 0-19 by now?
  12. Still lots of time as long as a team can put together a long winning streak somewhere
  13. Right, after the realignment Devils got stuck in the toughest division in addition to all other problems they have. This year Capitals, Pens, Rags, Flyers, CBJ are very solid. I'm sure the 2 wildcard spots will go to Metro again.
  14. Blues are like 1994 Devils - big, strong, stingy on D, loads of talent
  15. 0-4 without Auvitu