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  1. So how was Star Wars night? Was that Jason Lee I saw dressed as a Jedi during a commercial break? Maybe the Comic Book Men were there?
  2. Remember when Montreal called the cops on Chara for hitting Patches? I hate that team and their fans.
  3. Did we not get a power play for that too many men? They usually give a penalty for those.
  4. I just spent around $150 using the referral if that helps at all..
  5. I guess for now, this is the only update on Zacha: Seems like a tough dude. My guess is they don't have to put him on IR.
  6. And IMO Henrique and Palmieri are still somewhat slumping. Hopefully when they come out of it this team can start putting up 3-4 goals per game.
  7. Awesome finish. 4 unanswered goals and another come from behind. We should just let them score a goal off of the opening face off since scoring first seems to be a hindrance for us.
  8. I hope Zacha is ok. I have a feeling he lost a couple of teeth and he won't be back today.
  9. As much as I agree with everyone about Cory's play lately, we need to cut him some slack. With the amount of games he's stolen for us since he's been here and the defense that's currently in front of him, he should be allowed a slight slump. We still got a point against one of the best teams in the league and we're still above 500. He'll bounce back.
  10. I like to hear that about Stolarz even though he's a Flyer. The rec team I played for as a kid (Cranford) had a lot of dudes from Edison on it. Not many high schools in my area had hockey teams so rec hockey was the only option. I'm sure NJ's youth hockey program has become a lot bigger since 1990 but back then there weren't a lot of options if you wanted to play hockey so we'd get people from all over the area (Westfield, Scotch Plains, Edison, Irvington, Cranford itself). It was really cool but it pissed people off when I would wear a Cranford Hockey Club jacket at my high school, Westfield who were rivals with Cranford.
  11. For the most part I agree with you but if we can get a good center in a package I'd go for it. I'm sure last year we were all saying the same thing about not trading our 1st. I've grown to like McLeod and like the pick but I think getting an impact center now would be better for us as opposed to another 11-15th pick. Both Schneider and Hall's contracts will be up in a few years so we might actually have a window, believe it or not.
  12. Is that Queen or did Russia make their own Freddie Mercury?
  13. Yeah but I'm thinking that since he got 30 last year he thought he would be getting more 1st line minutes this year or even more PP time. I don't know. A lot of us expected he and Henrique's numbers to drop a little but I don't think anyone expected this much of a drop. The fact that they were benched makes me think they're a little bitter about something. Maybe Hynes is just holding them to a higher standard.
  14. Good vids man. Montages are always fun. Maybe Kyle needs to watch this..
  15. Obviously losing Hall has had the biggest impact but I think losing Auvitu is a close second. Palm and Cam were relatively quiet before they went down. Auvitu was contributing a lot more. Also, I wonder if not playing with Hall has affected Henrique's attitude. He seemed pretty excited when the trade was announced but since then he's been put on the 3rd line and even benched. Maybe both he and Palm have a little attitude because they were both 30 goal scorers last year but have been dropped to second and 3rd lines since. Don't mind me, just overthinking as usual. Zacha is much better at center than on the wing IMO. I wanted to say something during the King's game but I didn't see enough of it to make such a bold statement. Now I feel I can. I like that Hynes is taking his time with his development though. I still think he can be our 1C eventually. That being said, I find myself contemplating whether or not our 1st should be in play this year. I think both Shattenkirk and Duchene might be available, I just don't know what we'd be able to add on top of our 1st to make either team want to trade with us. I think Duchene would be the better fit as he would be great with Hall and the right side of our D is not the weak side. Then again we could keep slipping into a top 5 pick again.