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  1. Thanks. I'm not really a night club type of person. Or gay. Not that I couldn't hang at a gay bar for an evening or whatever but any kind of night club is an immediate no for me. sh!t was crazy here for a while though.
  2. I live exactly 2.5 miles, on the same street, from the Pulse nightclub the shooting was at. I'm definitely going to try to go to the Tampa game this year. We'll have to try to unite all of the NJDevs Floridians for that one. And whoever wants to make the trip down.
  3. Last year I thought we'd finish bottom 5 and we exceeded my expectations by a lot. This year I'm a little too optimistic I think. I think We can definitely beat out Carolina and Columbus and I think we have a good chance at beating the Rags, Philly, and Isles in points. Not to mention the Atlantic should be a sh!t show next year. Metro could possibly put 5 through to the playoffs while the Atlantic puts only 3. We'll see. Again I'm being too optimistic but I really like what's been done to the team so far. Two years ago I was dying for a change in the overall philosophy of the team and I'd say we pretty much got that. Seems like they're trying to put together an exciting team to watch. In reality I'd say we probably either sneak into the playoffs or just miss again. Depends on injuries and how the defense plays out. I think Shero might have one more move left to make on defense.
  4. I'm in Orlando. Tampa is much closer for me. I've been to Sunrise once, and it is nice down there (had my honeymoon in Boca Raton), but it's like a 3 or 4 hour trip. Tampa is only like 45 minutes.
  5. Less blackouts for me.
  6. I think VA mixed up the Vesey thread with this one. Vesey can't sign till August 15th (I have no idea why) but Shattenkirk is already under contract.
  7. Yeah unfortunately I think you're right. Only reason I'm still holding hope is because of Shero. Really though it is a perfect fit, we'd just have to part with something nice.
  8. Let's not forget Merrill will be out for the start of the season. I guess Auvitu, Mozik, or Helgeson will start in his spot. Also strange that they have Severson on the bottom line and Santini on the first pairing with Greene. I guess he's the guy who's been holding our rookie's hands for the past 6 or 7 years. Still hoping we're in on Shattenkirk somehow. Seems like a Shero type of player, we need a PMD, he played youth hockey in NJ, and he's rumored to want to play for a team close to home. As long as the Rags or Bruins don't snag him by trade first but I have a feeling one of them will. Then again, Shero.
  9. I'm into that if he's good there. I don't think that worked too well when we did it with Kovy. Not for Zacha though.
  10. Cammy would have to go. We're pretty stacked at LW. Trade just doesn't make sense after getting Hall.
  11. That's cool. It's not like Vegas is going to claim him it just would suck to have to use a protection spot on him.
  12. But don't we still have to use a protection spot in him for the expansion draft? That's a waste. Maybe he'll retire right before the draft.
  13. I think people like me (or a young me) might have ruined it for you guys. I used to go to SMA when they had open practices and bother the players for autographs afterwards. Now something like the rookie camp is a little different but I'm guessing that has a lot to do with Lou's open practice policies.
  14. He must be an awesome leader. So is his contract retired, does it just transfer to his new title, or does insurance pay it and we give him a new salary?
  15. Isn't Merrill out till like November recovering from surgery? We might see Mozik or Helgeson start the season if that's true.