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  1. I got really into MMA at the time of the 2004 lockout so I kind of lost my passion for hockey for a year or so. It came back very fast but only for the Devils. Like CR I used to know every player in the league and would watch whatever game of whatever team I could. Now I only watch Devils games and that's plenty. No time to be a league fan anymore. I don't even really watch any other sports anymore either. Can't imagine watching multiple sports and being able to keep up with every player in the leagues like I did when I was a kid.
  2. Yes, apparently.
  3. Incredible save by Kinky.
  4. And Palms. Two great passes.
  5. Maybe with the right moves we can force Vegas into taking Can he? Whoops, meant Cammy.
  6. No love lost.
  7. This is what I meant, however, someone on HF pointed out to me that a team like Minny or NYI will have so many good players left unprotected that they might just let Vegas take one and deal with it. That way they only lose one player. If they trade away someone they will still lose someone to Vegas. Now they're down at least two roster players.
  8. Vegas will need to make the cap floor. There's a small chance they take him if we expose him. Worth the gamble IMO.
  9. The one time the Hey You Suck chant actually makes a little sense.
  10. I wouldn't care if we left Cammy unprotected either but aren't we required to protect him because of a NMC? Same reason we have to protect Clowe unless I'm confusing NMC with NTC.
  11. I've been hearing some pretty decent names being tossed around as not being protected by their teams for this expansion draft. I think Shero might be able to grab a couple of good roster players. Minny will have excess D and NYI should have excess C. Maybe ever Strome. As far as who Shero should protect I think we all agree the definite should be: Hall Zajac Henrique Palmieri Cammy ? ? Greene Severson ? Schneider I don't remember where we landed on Clowe but I don't think we need to protect anyone else. That could leave one or two spots on offense we can trade for and one on D. I honestly don't think Vegas will draft anyone from our team unless they're forced to. Kinky might be the victim but I think Vegas will have better goaltender options throughout the league.
  12. They should retire his number on St. Patrick's Day next season.
  13. Can't wait for his jersey retirement night. He'll probably be the only forward to have his jersey retired for us for a very long time. That being said, I wouldn't mind if he wanted to lace them up for a few games one more time. We're not going anywhere this year so it's not like him taking up a roster spot from a young guy is going to hurt us. I also really hope he stays with us after he retires as some kind of coach. Seems like he really enjoys just being around the rink.
  14. If they made this available for purchase without the stipulation of having to have a cable or satellite provider I would buy it instead of NHL.TV. I only watch the Devils these days anyway and there shouldn't be blackouts with that service. Hopefully they eventually get there and just offer it up for everyone like HBO Now.
  15. Love Snoop. I got a hug from him for giving him a bottle of Hennessy XO when he played the Super Bowl after party when it was in Jacksonville (I bartended the after party for the Patriots after they won the Super Bowl. Also met Lionel Ritchie and the second black guy and Asian guy from the Black Eyed Peas).