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  1. 2016 Draft

    I know Lou doesn't have the same control over the leafs as he did here but I can't see him taking anything but the American born #1 projected center.

    Anyone know what style he is as in offensive minded, stay at home, two way...etc.? I've read that we could be interested in signing Demers this summer too. I also think Santini has a decent shot at making the team and let's not forget about Warsofsky. So we know our defense will at least consist of these guys... Greene Larsson Severson Moore Merrill Auvitu With the possibility of still signing these guys... Schlemko Warsofsky Demers And the possibility of a Santini or Mozik or someone fighting for a spot. Not a bad position to be in really.
  3. 2016 Draft

    Barrie for the 4th has been talked about too.
  4. Jersey (Sweater) Redesign concept site

    Maybe people from New Jersey would gets off of NYC's nose if they realized people from NYC thought we were all trash. It autocorrected what I had to Nose so I'm gonna leave it.
  5. Possible "Palmieri-esque" trades for the offseason

    At this point I think some threads should be merged into one Off Season type of thread. We have similar conversations going on in at least two threads. Sorry to be like that.
  6. Devils looking to add offense in the offseason

    If the expansion draft is coming up in the next couple of seasons we're going to have to expose both Wedgewood and Kinkaid. Things change obviously but as of now I don't think we'll get much of a return for Kinky but Wedge might net us a decent return. I don't think either would be drafted by an expansion team but you never know. I say play it safe and trade Wedge. This could be our "Palmieri" move this summer.
  7. Devils looking to add offense in the offseason

    Going after any trade for someone like Nuke is going to cost us. We have to be prepared to lose a good asset like our 1st, Severson or something. I'm kind of content just to wait it out and hang onto what we have. If we can steal someone then sure but I don't think it's a very realistic expectation.
  8. Albany Devils Thread - 2015-16 Edition

    No defending that.
  9. Jersey (Sweater) Redesign concept site

    With the Nets leaving NJ and Rutgers sharing the same colors as us I think red/black/white has become NJ's official colors.
  10. 2015–16 Prospect Thread

    HF has Blackwood ranked as the OHL's #1 ranked Goalie prospect. 1. Mackenzie Blackwood, Barrie Colts (NJD) Selected in the second round, 42nd overall, in the 2015 NHL Draft Mackenzie Blackwood has shown consistency and solid play between the pipes for the past two years to position himself not only as the top NHL-drafted netminder, but easily one of the top goalies in the entire league. This year was a notable one for Blackwood. A suspension over the holidays delayed his appearance in the IIHF World Junior Championship. And while the WJC may not have gone the way Blackwood would have liked, he came back to the OHL and continued to improve his game. Last year, he finished the season with a 3.09 goals-against average; this year, he lowered that to a 2.72 goals-against, improved his save percentage to .921 and finished the season 28-13 with three shutouts. At 6’4 and 225 pounds, the Thunder Bay, ON native has the desired NHL size and looks to have a promising future within the New Jersey Devils’ organization.
  11. The Offseason Plan™

    This is the first draft in however many years without Conte. It'll be interesting to see who they pick because it's a new group of scouts. I'm curious to see if they take the consensus BPA, team needs, size, or completely do their own thing with the 11th. Pens fans say Shero likes drafting PMD's.
  12. TG Leaving the Record

    To be honest I thought Fire and Ice was TG's blog and I haven't even checked it since he's been gone. Looks like the the last post was the 30th of April.
  13. The Offseason Plan™

    I'll take a page out of Mike Brown's book and say we need a lot more offense from the blue line next year. Maybe we should go for Yandle this summer. I think this AHL playoff run is good for Severson and hopefully his offense returns next year.
  14. 2016 Draft

    Damian Cox has us taking Logan Brown. Craig Button has us taking Clayton Keller. Button's mocks usually get a lot of sh!t but last year he actually did pretty well. I hope he's right this time too.
  15. Devils looking to add offense in the offseason

    Kind of off topic but should we be expecting a contract extension for Palmieri soon? IMO that should be pretty high on the list of things Shero has to do and not much else is going on right now. I mean I know we have all summer here but Lou already locked up Kadri and Reilly.