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  1. Hague is supposed to go towards the end of the first round which is why I think we might be able to package something without giving up too much to move up to 25-31.
  2. Sorry I'm bored but does anyone think there's a chance Shero tries to trade up from the second round to try to grab Hague?
  3. To me adding the swallow part changes the whole chant from being playful to classless.
  4. At least they aren't yelling about someone swallowing.
  5. TG must miss us. Kind of weird to be announcing the firing of behind the scenes people though. I can see Sherry and the equipment manager, but the video guys?
  6. Basically me every day...
  7. I can already see people saying whoever the Flyers take is better. The Flyers put up a decent amount of goal whereas the Devils were bottom feeders in that category. It should be a lot easier for whoever the Flyers get to put more points up.
  8. Yeah I'm still on the Nolan train but the gap has decreased since we won the lottery. Basically I won't be upset at all with whoever we end up picking whereas in the years past I was hoping for one guy and we picked another.
  9. I'll take credit for the Devils recent string of good luck. I had a baby boy born on April 10th. Since then the Devils' future has been getting better and better. You're welcome everyone!
  10. Definitely my assumption since that's where he played most of last season. He was centering Hall at the very end of the year so maybe he will end up at center. I thought he played pretty good when he was at center they just didn't give him great line mates. Whatever happened with him and the Czech team? I heard he didn't pass his physical.
  11. Some think Nico will end up on the wing at the NHL level. If that's true or even possible I'd rather go with Nolan. It looks like we're already moving Zacha to wing and I'd rather have that true 1C than another dynamic winger. Still be happy with either though.
  12. I don't know if there's a right answer to that. I think in a perfect world they'd want to trade one of their defenders they have to protect for a young player they don't have to protect. I'd say they want a defender back just so their defense isn't so depleted. Unfortunately I don't think we have any young expansion draft exempt defenders we can trade that they'd want at least. Maybe Something like Jacobs and a 2nd for Scandella or Brodin? Someone else can top that I'm sure. I'd rather keep Santini but he might be a player they'd trade for.
  13. I think it's more about the amount of people they can protect. They can only protect 3 defenders so if Suter, Dumba, Spurgeon get protected they'd still have to leave Brodin unprotected. Trading just Scandella doesn't really change their situation..
  14. Minnesota fans seem to think they're in that position too. They'd rather just lose one of their guys to Vegas then trade away 2 of them and still lose someone to Vegas, almost completely depleting their defense.
  15. There's a theory going around that teams with multiple people to be left unprotected would rather leave them all unprotected instead of losing all of them. That way they'll only lose one player to Vegas instead of trading away most of them and still losing someone to Vegas. For example Minnesota would rather just leave all of their defenders unprotected so they end up only losing one player to Vegas and they get to keep the rest.