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  1. Love how Hall went right to Zajac and thanked him.
  2. I think it was reasonable for Shero to try to do a quick turnaround and not have to do a full rebuild, but I think Lou had left this team in too big of a hole. It's time to think about really tearing it down but good effort by Shero in trying not to so far.
  3. Looking at that list I'd gladly overpay Shattenkirk.
  4. It would probably be worth it as he'd immediately become our best defender.
  5. I'm actually optimistic that we can sign Shattenkirk if he makes it to free agency. I don't think the Rags can afford him and he did play his youth hockey in NJ. His youth jersey is actually hanging in the youth hockey section at The Rock. I think if he goes to free agency it will come down to us and Boston. I just hope St. Louis keeps him for a playoff run and don't trade him.
  6. I'd rather have Duchene than Landeskog. Perfect 1C for for Hall to play with.
  7. So did anyone catch this?
  8. Sounds about par for the course.
  9. Yeah I was having dinner at Morimoto's in Orlando so I didn't watch this one. Oh well.
  10. I'll keep an open mind as long as it stays red and black and the logo stays.
  11. Double post. I'll make up for it with a Mitch Hedberg joke: I think that when someone hands you a flyer it's like saying, here you throw this out.
  12. I hope the logo stays. It's been tattooed on my arm since 1996.
  13. We have to at least keep the current ones as 3rd jerseys even though I think the redesign should be the 3rd jerseys.
  14. What is this sh!t?
  15. Festivus in OT