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  1. We mad.
  2. It's such a huge advantage that they have. Top UFA's, NTC short lists, even college kids who don't want to play for their drafted team. There's always some a$$hole gm willing to help them out of a bad contract so they can make room for the new shiny free agent.
  3. And as if we all should have seen it coming, it's being reported all over that Shattenkirk wants to play for the Rangers even if it has to be at a discount. I actually got my hopes up over this one for fvcks sake. Now I have to go from potentially loving the dude to hating everything about him.^tfw
  4. He's a very generous player which I love.
  5. Personally I think/hope he just wants to be close to home. I think any of the Rangers, Bruins, NJ, or NYI even have a chance.
  6. Didn't see it posted anywhere so sorry if it was. Hopefully it's only one game but we all know these can be dangerous. Zacha is out for at least Saturday’s game against the Rangers at Prudential Center. However, the plan is for him to do off-ice work on Friday – stationary bicycle – and then perhaps for the next few days. Zacha did not work out on Thursday.
  7. The Hockey Writers speculates that we could make an offer for Shattenkirk with Severson, Quenneville, and a 2nd going the other way. ANALYSIS: The Devils probably won’t make the playoffs even with the addition of Shattenkirk, so a contract extension is essential as part of this deal — more so than the other four, though a sign-and-trade is in St. Louis’ best interests to ensure the best possible return regardless of where Shattenkirk is going. New Jersey GM Ray Shero isn’t one to sit on his hands and he’d love to get his hands on a puck-mover like Shattenkirk to help spark the Devils’ offence. Adding Taylor Hall and Shattenkirk within a calendar year would be a step in the right direction for New Jersey, even if those moves don’t pay immediate dividends in the form of a playoff berth this spring.
  8. I got really into MMA at the time of the 2004 lockout so I kind of lost my passion for hockey for a year or so. It came back very fast but only for the Devils. Like CR I used to know every player in the league and would watch whatever game of whatever team I could. Now I only watch Devils games and that's plenty. No time to be a league fan anymore. I don't even really watch any other sports anymore either. Can't imagine watching multiple sports and being able to keep up with every player in the leagues like I did when I was a kid.
  9. Yes, apparently.
  10. Incredible save by Kinky.
  11. And Palms. Two great passes.
  12. Maybe with the right moves we can force Vegas into taking Can he? Whoops, meant Cammy.
  13. No love lost.
  14. This is what I meant, however, someone on HF pointed out to me that a team like Minny or NYI will have so many good players left unprotected that they might just let Vegas take one and deal with it. That way they only lose one player. If they trade away someone they will still lose someone to Vegas. Now they're down at least two roster players.
  15. Vegas will need to make the cap floor. There's a small chance they take him if we expose him. Worth the gamble IMO.