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  1. Holy sh!t! Did not see this happening. Nolan Patrick all the way!
  2. Luck be a lady tonight.
  3. In a way I think Kovy kind of does fit into our window. If not we might as well trade Hall and Cory away too because that window wouldn't be open before Hall's contract is up and Cory is about Kovy's age now either.
  4. Whether he stays or we trade him, one thing for sure is it's great to have the free asset right now.
  5. Makes me feel old.
  6. I don't think he should be fired at all I just remember midway through the season there were rumors that the team had a closed door meeting with him to ask him to be nicer.
  7. CBJ/Torts out. Wonder if he'll be back next season or if his team will pull a Buffalo and demand he goes.
  8. He's being thrown into that role way too quickly.
  9. I just don't see why they would choose one of the youngest guys on the team instead of a vet to get that message across.
  10. I have to admit it does worry me that Shero would hire Bylsma if he fires Hynes. I think all his ties to the Pens should be cut at this point.
  11. I just remembered that David Conte works for Vegas now. I wonder if that'll impact who they take from us. I think the only guys we have that might be exposed that he drafted would be Merrill and JaJo.
  12. I definitely think it's debatable as to who the 3rd defenseman we protect should be, it just seems to me like Moore is more of a Shero type of player. Plus he was pretty hot by the end of the season.
  13. I hate the Rags and hope they lose but MTL is my 3rd most hated team in the league behind the Flyers. I hope whoever wins this series gets completely embarrassed and swept next round.
  14. When is Ryan McLeod's draft year and where does he project to go at this point? Does he play with Mikey? I hear his skating is on par with Mikey's.
  15. As far as advanced stats go I think it's good to have all options available. Every bit of information helps whether you use them or not.