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  1. Hopefully if true, it's going to be like the one at the new Little Caesars Arena.
  2. Maybe he can play like this..
  3. We should have some sort of Bubble Boy chant for Patrick every time we play him at home.
  4. Please pick up a copy of Gray's Sports Alminac in your travels.
  5. The best part is we tried to convince ourselves that some of these guys were good (in the dark years).
  6. There's a thread on HF asking us to post our teams top 25 draft picks in history. I know it's been said a bunch of times but holy hell there were some bad years for us consecutively. I mean Lou kept the team competitive by trading some good picks but it's pretty bad. Like 2005-2010. 1999-2002. This was my top 25 BTW (no order) Marty BrodeurScott NiedermayerKirk MullerJohn MacLeanKen DaneykoViacheslav FetisovBrendan ShanahanPat VerbeekBill GuerinBrian RolstonPatrick EliasPetr SykoraScott GomezBrian GiontaSteve SullivanSheldon SourayMike CommodoreZach PariseTravis ZajacAdam HenriqueAdam LarssonDamon SeversonPavel ZachaMichael McLeodNico Hischier
  7. Little person B team
  8. I called Montreal fans a v@gina ass fan base on time and I only got an infraction. I guess it's just how often you get out of line.
  9. 33 was my midget number.
  10. Goddam Roo Mad Bro.
  11. I actually didn't pay that much attention to hockey after the 2004 lockout for a couple of years. I remember being pissed about the lockout but I also got really into MMA around that time (2002-2005 was an incredible time for MMA). But hockey is my true love and I was back very quickly. Really I should say the Devils are my true love because I only really watch them these days. But I watch them all to the end dammit.
  12. That could be our future 1st line. Zacha-Hischier-Boqvist
  13. I'm fine rotating him and Q out of that 2nd line LW to see who does better.
  14. I was thinking that too just for experience to be present on every line but then I thought about the potential speed of that McLeod line.
  15. Hall-Hischier-Johannsen Quenneville-McLeod-Speers Henrique-Zajac-Palmieri Zacha-Boyle-Wood Last year's lines didn't work imo.