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  1. They should make Dipietro the captain. They have him locked for 15 years, and hes a nice guy
  2. Its great. Thanks Underdog
  3. Heres the confirmation
  4. If we boo him in Newark, theres a good chance we might not make it home that night. We'll be getting shanked at the concession stands and getting mowed down by drive bys on the way home (Just a joke for the touchy feely)
  5. Shotty on Souray if he signs?
  6. Our chances of winning the 3 games Marty sits out have gone up substantially
  7. What does the NHL actually do if a team is over the cap? I know they probably won't be playing, but like whats the official thing?
  8. What about Shanahan?
  9. I just remembered, i went to a game last year and this guy was wearing a jersey with the name Lockout and the number 05 underneath. As sad as the lockout was, that jersey cracked me up
  10. When Oliwa came back the year after the lockout, i got really excited and got a jersey of his with the #19. By the time it came in the mail, i went to a game and i think it was Pihlman wearing 19.
  11. Joey Chestnut ate 66 hotdogs in 12 minutes to beat reigning champ Kobayashi!
  12. They didn't sign him or Hossa either
  13. "5. Bertuzzi and Pronger on the same team? The last time the Thug-O-Meter had a reading this high in California, Tupac was shooting a video in Compton