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  1. I wish nothing but the best for the Devils players and coaches. But keep an eye on eBay for lots of NJD merchandise on sale soon! - Sherry Ross Guess she means the equipment manager
  2. Simmonds is a meathead.
  3. Everyone was gonna get a penalty there, they needed to regain control. This game is one more cheap shot away from turning into a Slapshot remake
  4. Came in late, what did I mi.........oh.
  5. Definitely a minor penalty, but not deliberately dirty.
  6. Lovejoy barrelling in there was cool. Shame he couldn't get at Price
  7. I don't say this very often, but someone needs to pay for that.
  8. LINK Via official Devils release: “Earlier today, the club was informed of Windsor Superior Court Justice Kirk Munroe’s ruling against Mr. Johnson. Based on the ruling, the club has initiated the process required to terminate Mr. Johnson’s Standard Player’s Contract.”
  9. AHL filler, perhaps?
  11. The New Jersey Devils today signed free agent defenseman Karl Stollery to a one-year, two-way contract worth $575,000 at the NHL level
  12. Anything there of value?
  13. Line of the day so far " BREAKING: Oilers trade Nugent-Hopkins to Thrashers for stick of butter "
  14. I took a look on EDM, NYR and PHL Reddit pages and their fans are pissed/concerned. It's a good day. We've been screaming for some offense, this is a team friendly, good upside deal. Losing Larsson sucks, but you gotta give to get