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  1. 15-16 WJC Thread

    Not in the US even though it's on the guide. Makes no sense to me
  2. Danterson returneth    
  3. Press conference with Marty on Tuesday

    The Devils will hold a press conference with Martin Brodeur tomorrow at 1 p.m. at Prudential Center. Per Chere     Number retirement?
  4.   $25 million
  5. Clarkson to Jackets for Nathan Horton   He's done for the year after 3 games 
  6. Jagr traded to Florida

    Jagr with an assist.  He's making 'em love him
  7. Jagr traded to Florida

    Goal,  Jagr! 
  8. Training Camp invites

  9. Let's start a pool of where Brodeur will end up

    I dunno, looks like Leafs or retire. When you can't get signed over the legend that is David Leggio,,,,,,,,        
  10. Let's start a pool of where Brodeur will end up

    Awfully quiet on the Marty front. Lots of goalies getting jobs.......Seems like Toronto is one of the few destinations left
  11. Chico makes his retirement official

    Chico is losing his mind today and it's great to see/hear. Was he the best color guy, hell no. But he was OUR guy, he related to the Devils from the Mickey Mouse days to the Cup days and beyond. Chico played mostly as a NY Islander, but he's a Devil through and through. I for one will miss him.
  12. Bad day for Ex-Devils

    The Panthers placed backup goalie Scott Clemmensen, 35, and seldom-used center Scott Gomez, 35, on waivers.   That's gotta be it for Gomez, who would take him?    
  14. BuffaLOL @ The Rock

    Sweet shot!
  15. BuffaLOL @ The Rock

    Weird the goalie didn't put that glove in the net or something. Seems like something that could cause a problem